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Shake Up in the World of Mobile Device Management

I have many customers that leverage the power of Application Virtualization and a good chunk of them use the Citrix Line of products to do this…with the push to Mobile, Citrix announced that it is buying Zenprise and they are launching a big push on Enterprise Mobility!

Reading through the statement at the Zenprise website it really looks like a match made in heaven but how will this new powerhouse compete?  I see it as integration, if Citrix can make the management of Mobile Devices as user friendly and easy as they have with Application and Desktop Virtualization…there will be a huge push to this product line.  Do the Market Vanguards like Airwatch and MobileIron have anything to worry about…in my opinion they most certainly do.

Integrating the Zenprise product line will be interesting through with things like Zencloud (available for a Free Trial) and ZenSuite will be an interesting mix.  Not only could this push Citrix well ahead of the curve (if done right) it will make BYOD far more effective for both large and small enterprise customers.

Just my take…still early as it is only an intent to purchase…but an interesting move to say the least!


Chris J Powell

1 thought on “Shake Up in the World of Mobile Device Management

  1. Very interesting! I have a feeling this won’t be the last MDM acquisition we see in the next year. Ultimately it’ll be a good thing to see more integration, although I talked someone from another big MDM vendor this afternoon, and he made a good point: in a space that’s shifting so quickly, the months it takes to complete an acquisition can give other vendors a chance to move ahead. Either way, exciting times.

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