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So what if I am a Fan Boy

Much debate around the office has come out of my constant “tether” to my iPad.  As I posted yesterday, my VP of Research and Development has been egging me on about my bringing my iPad and using it at work with quite some frequent regularity but it now appears that there is a conspiracy as to how long it will take for my life to go all Mac???  This is a post directly to @BrianGarside, @mtauschek and @djuusola

As an Ubuntu Linux user I only go outside of this comfort zone to be able to:

  1. Do my job at work as it is a Windows Only Environment
  2. Update and Sync my iPad (and this is done through a Virtual Machine)
  3. Do any work on my Wife’s Toshiba M100 (it was a nightmare to even get Windows installed)

There was much banter and chatter about the iPad being a Gateway Drug and now that I have had a “puff” it would be all over and I would join the rest of the true believers eventually.  I am drawing the line in the sand now…I WILL NOT BE A MAC USER!  Sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Jobs, but you will have to find the money for your Mothership somewhere else.

Now you may ask why not become one of the chosen?

I can honestly say that I do not believe in Vendor Lock in that Apple Promotes, they are too closed minded about the potential of Open Source and the number one reason….TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!

My wife would shoot me if I tried to convert our Substantial Technology Investment over to Mac.  We currently have 2 Netbooks, 1 Tablet PC, 3 Desktops, 2 Android Phones, the iPad and an HP Zeen.  To replace these tomorrow with Apple’s current mix of technology:

  1. Upgrade the laptops to MacBooks = $3147
  2. Upgrade 1 desktop to Mac mini = $699
  3. Upgrade 1 desktop to 21.5″ iMac = $1199
  4. Upgrade 1 desktop to Mac Pro = $2599
  5. Upgrade 2 phones to iPhones = $1099 (contract busting not an option)
  6. Upgrade HP Zeen to iPad = $519

Total investment for this endeavor: $9262…HOLYCRAP

As I said, my wife would kill me…not to mention the cover up of my Ubuntu Tattoo and moving from:

To this:
Is just not in the cards.  My loyalty is where it is and I can not see it wavering even a little bit.
This has been a wild ride, but enjoy your weekend.
Chris J Powell

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