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Social Media in 2014

For me, Social Media has been about the conversation and the connections that are made with those that I follow but also with those who follow me.  When it comes to the Brand Ambassador’s of 2014 in the world of Social Media, there is a storm coming and the real question is…are you ready for it?

I did some digging around the fabulous Interwebz and there are several interesting predictions for the future of Social Media in 2014 but my favorite comes from the folks over at  To “Krispify” these predictions I will look to their top 5 predictions and add my own insights.

1. Look for a shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video.

I have personally avoided the concept of Youtube and Video Podcasting for some time, but I have started to look at the opportunity to share some insights through short broadcasts.  Expect to see some Video Posts in the near future as I become more proficient with tools like SnagIt and Jing from TechSmith.

2.  Businesses will embrace the ‘fandom’.

Is your business embracing the raving fans that you have built over the years?  The answer is probably not…but the real question is why not?  If you have people who love what you do…why not leverage the power of Social Media to let the world know that what you do is just that good?  The power of a video testimonial or even better, the real time “love fest” that can come from your fans following and assisting you in making your next sale are way easier, and way more affordable than a complex marketing campaign that will likely fall on deaf ears.

3. Google+ will continue to grow in size and importance.
This one really did not surprise me as I have been lucky enough to have been a part of the Google+ Community from the first couple weeks.  I remember when my invitation came, I was out with my family for Friday Night Dinner and just as we placed our order at Olde Fish and Chips here in London, I got the email message that I had full access.  So why Google+ and why now when there is Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and all those other channels…well lets think of it this way…just from the SEO opportunities of connecting your messages with the Google Social Network have a huge bonus over the other players.

4. There will be a bigger focus on context.
Content without context is like Lipstick on a Pig…it makes the Pig look pretty…but it is still a Pig!  It shouldn’t matter if it is your personal or business Social Media post…there should be a reason for the post and there should be a potential outcome before you say anything…even 140 characters or less!

5. More businesses will get into paid advertising.
I do occasionally click on those links on the far right of my Facebook Profile and from time to time I do click the Sponsored Ads in a Google Search but to think that I will now be getting Twitter Ads and all the other ilk…I really don’t like being advertised to…but there is a reality that we all must face…if you don’t know a product is out there…how can you make a decision on not wanting it or not!  I am still not completely convinced that this will be a sustainable model for income from Facebook or Twitter, there is no doubt about the fact that there are businesses that are lining up to put their Marketing Dollars to work in your Twitter Feed and on your Facebook Timeline.

So this are 5 Predictions of the Future of Social Media in 2014.  The one that I am most interested in is the world of Video.  Will my ugly mug become a smash hit and be a part of the 2014 Youtube Rewind like these people?



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