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Social Media Monday – April Fools on the Web

Yep, it is that time of the year again.  Office Pranks, good clean fun and a wonderful world of Web Based Pranks abound…but what will be the top dog when it comes to the Social World we live in today?  Remember last year’s Google Prank that worked with Nascar?  Well this year’s batch is rock solid.

Some of the notable Pranks from today so far include:

The Google Nose Beta…yes according to Google, Smell o’ Vision has arrived to a Phone, Tablet or Computer near you.  Imagine, Guess that Smell, or Scratch and Sniff Books or the Google New Car Smell…yes Google Nose Beta is a pretty neat idea…but unfortunately…just a prank.

The last day of YouTube is today…that is right after a great run…the Video Social Experiment is over and the winner of $500 Prize and an mp3 player that clips to your sleeve…yep…8 years of Social Videos will close down tonight at Midnight…or will it???

Google Maps has a new feature as well…the Treasure Map feature turns your boring everyday Map into the wonderful world of buried treasure.


Wikipedia includes some very interesting…although hard to confirm “Did You Know’s” from this day in history.  It would be quite interesting if there was a secret meeting to “combat evil” though!

Then there is the new Product Line from Scope.  Yep even Proctor & Gamble is getting into the whole April Fools Prank with the new Scope Bacon line!

One of my favorites though is the opportunity to live up to the old Honeymooners statement of To the Moon Alice…yep is now offering moving packages to the moon…and when you click for a quote you are greeted by one of the worlds most annoying versions of Space Invaders EVER!!!

Apple reveals a new iPlay device that is set to take over the world of Console Gaming…and it looks just like an AppleTV…but has been rebranded so that you can play Angry Birds on your 50 inch big screen!

Even Investors are getting into the mix with an interesting article claiming that President Obama has listed 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for sale for a cool $288 Million!

What are you planning on doing for April Fool’s Day?  I would say what my plans are…but that might just give away the surprise for those that it intended.


Chris J Powell


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