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Social Media Monday – Data Driven Social Science

I was trolling around looking for a good topic this morning and got thinking about the amount of effort I put into both this blog and my Social Media presence each and every day.  I really got to thinking that there has to be a better way, a more efficient way to be able to do all the things that I want to do but not spend as much time doing it.  It occurred to me that this is a question that nearly every innovation ever created has sought to overcome…so I should be able to find tons of good insights out there right?  WRONG…well mostly wrong!

The reality is, Social Media does take a time investment.  It is the building of relationships and the more “automated” that we make things…the less personal it gets.  For me, the ability to personally connect with 1000’s of people on any given day is the biggest reward for the hours that I invest each day.  But the time investment is what prevents most people from making the full leap into Social Media to build a) their business, b) their brand and c) their personal Value Proposition.

In looking for options to get better at building the content and context that is most relevant for those that follow me, I took a step back and decided to look to the Data.  The Ones and Zeros never lie right?

In looking to Data Driven Social Science I started to see the big picture emerge and then I stumbled across the wise words of David Kamerer and a bigger picture not only emerged but became crystal clear. As a Communication Professor at Loyola University, this is a guy that follows and helps define the trends in human communication, so I dug deeper into his personal blog and almost ran out of time to post for myself!

Embedded in one of his nuggets was a quote from Steven Rubel of Edelman Digital that stuck out for me

“We are reaching a point where the number of inputs we have as individuals is beginning to exceed what we are capable as humans of managing.  The demands for our attention are becoming so great, and the problem so widespread, that it will cause people to crash and curtail these drains.  Human attention does not obey Moore’s Law.”

So if we look closer at this challenge that I may have too many inputs competing for my attention…then there must be a way through Data that I can start to prioritize what is actually important and who/what/where I should invest my precious time!

I have a lot of side projects going on beyond my 8-5 job as a Technical Sales Professional for a leading IT Research and Advisory Firm…but in looking at this challenge and being a cheap as I am (there are very expensive solutions out there…but I am not willing to mortgage my future for Social Media)…I should look to how I tackle this.

As I sit here thinking about the problem and the challenge that I am obviously not alone in struggling with…I had a bit of an light bulb moment, you know that moment when everything becomes so clear that time starts to slow down and the answers seem to be so tangible that you can reach out and grab them!  Yep…I think I am on to something…that is all I can say for now but my Next Big Thing, may be truly a game changer.

Stay tuned for more!


Chris J Powell

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