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Social Media Monday – Gamification of the the Sales Process

As a Sales Professional that strangely enough is not motivated by Dollar Signs, I often feel more than just a little slighted when company incentives are focused on short term corrections in behavior while trying to achieve a long term culture change.  As a society, we generally like to play games of one type or another (friendly card games, video games, adventure sports, etc) but in our work places this is rarely taken into account.

The Power of Social Media and Social Networking within the enterprise has allowed an interesting new dynamic to grow.  Looking at the concept of Gamification and Game Theory in general has been a pet project of mine for a while but recently I offered myself up to help find ways to make work “more interesting”.

I may have said that I am not motivated by Dollar Signs but I like “stuff”, and getting “stuff” tends to require cash…so it is a bit of a bitter cycle that I am in.  Companies like ePrize and Achievers have been putting incentives on a whole new path for a while and I like how both are set up to measure and look at a more constant and consistent improvement path!

ePrize even has a really interesting App that plugs in and lets you run either long term or short term contests and achievement rankings.  LevelEleven out of Detroit, MI is also doing the same thing.  This is what I like about Technology!



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