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Social Media Privacy

I have written a few times about a shift in how we communicate with each other and how email is such a big part of what I do (it consumes nearly 2 hours EVERY DAY of my time).  The connections that I have made and continue to make through the “NEW MEDIA” outlets of Social Media are starting to very quickly catch up and surpass the time that I spend with Email though.

I new from the outset that some of my privacy would go away as I bared my soul to the world through this blog as well as connecting through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbr, Flickr and Youtube but a recent Pew Research Center study 63% of Adults with an online presence maintain at least one social profile.


From the folks over at I thought I would share some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to maintaining your Personal or Corporate Brand with Social Media:

Do’s and don’ts for privacy-proofing your brands social marketing:

Do share your privacy policy. People want to know where you stand.

Don’t be creepy. Just because you know what someone is doing online doesn’t mean you have to tell.

Do provide relevant content on a regular basis. Know what your customers and prospects want and consistently provide it.

Don’t participate in snarky behavior. People may find it amusing but sooner or later they wonder if they will be the next victim.

Do ask for an invitation. Sometimes an invitation request is all it takes to connect with customers and prospects.

Don’t waste your community’s time. If your content is boring and repetitive, your invitations will be revoked.

As for maintaining your own Privacy…well my opinion is that while there is an inherent risk to opening your life to a Company to peer into and distill your like, dislikes, dreams and aspirations…I think the risk is worth the reward.    There have been some notable Privacy Breaches but the bigger danger is that there is a general apathy out there about what each of us that engages in “Social Media” gives up.

In an Infographic about Social Media Privacy I found that 68% of Facebook’s 900 Million users don’t understand the Privacy Settings…WOW ignorance really is bliss!

Well that is it for me today.

Cheers and have a great day.

Chris J Powell

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