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SOPA is back in the news, 60 second CES Wrapup, Google's 3D Human Body Browser

In many ways the flawed concept of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a shining example of what is wrong with the democratic process today but for some reason the old media vs. new media debate is really being missed in mainstream news and by the public in general.  For those who know me…I am so not part of the 1% vs. 99% debate but this entire process has been about the old guard of Music, TV and Movies ganging up and trying to shut down the new guard of the Google’s, Facebook’s and Amazon’s of today.  Check out an interesting viewpoint from ZDNet.


I may be Canadian but SOPA will have long term ramifications around the world so to my readers South of the Border…you can do something.  The internet should be about the FREE exchange of ideas, the transfer and sharing of knowledge.  If you like what you have today…you must stand up and do something about it because it could radically change tomorrow.  A good start is visiting theStop American Censorship site and register your opinion. To learn more about SOPA and the Protect IP Bills that WILL change your online world check out this 4 minute video:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

CES 2012 in 60 seconds or less

OK so my work sent a contingent of Analysts and other Tech Gurus down to CES in Las Vegas (it still stings a little but I will get over it) and I have bee purposely both avoiding and following the news coming from the floor of Consumer Electronics Show.  Now from the Feeds, Blogs and Tweets that have been filling my inbox over the last several days I am curious to note if the “Ultrabook” is really going to have any real effect on well anything…isn’t it just a bigger screen “Netbook”?  80 inch super thin TVs are cool, they would look really great and if there are any company’s looking for someone to do a Long Term Evaluation of their product…I am available…but come on…80 inches in anyone’s living room is overkill!

Samsung appears to have been the star of the show, releasing some interesting tidbits from both their SmartPhone Line up and there TV/Media outlet…I am a fan but the next Apple you will not be so don’t pretend and don’t try…please don’t try.

My take though on the general theme of the show is how Consumerization of IT and the Enterprise in general has become not just something that i a neat cost cutting idea…it is now built into the marketing hype of ALL Tech companies.  CES 2012 was about integration and the future both at work and at home…and that is pretty cool.  I look forward to the return of my colleagues…so I can pick their brains.

Google’s 3D Human Body Browser

Biology was the one science that I absolutely hated when I was in high school but with the recent release of the Source Code and the continued Open Source Development of Google’s 3D Human Body Browser I might have been more interested.

If you are using Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox then you will be able to dive into this great concept over at Zygote Body.  This is a shining example of WebGL that is baked directly into the browser so no additional plugins were needed.  I love the fact that I can zoom in and out, alter which layer I want to see (skeletal, organ, nervous system).  It is quite the amazing bit of technology.

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