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Success is dependent on effort.

The title of today’s post comes from Sophocles an ancient Greek philosopher and playwright.

I look at this short and insightful statement and look to the past 5 months of my life.  It has not been without challenges and stumbles along the way but as the company I work for enters into the final months of its Fiscal Year we are asked to dig deep and do more!

I have to admit that I have had some stellar successes in 2011 so far and anticipate having many more but what is at the end of the road for me?  I look to what has become my chosen career in Sales, and think back to just 3 years ago when I was trying to make it as an independent Consultant at the same time as I was working the night shift for a large BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) doing Telephone Support for DSL Customers.

Was Sales where I should be?  I brought with me a solid understanding for not just computers and technology but how that technology is and can be applied to business in the 21st century.  For me the success that I enjoyed in my first year of Sales would not have been possible if I did not dive deeply into both maintaining my understanding of technology but also investing heavily in my understanding of the Sales Process.  

I look around at the majority of people that I work with and they find it unconscionable that I would work 50 hours per week in the office and then invest an additional 15-25 hours per week diving into hundreds of books, thousands of hours of audio recordings and scouring the internet so that I could find the right balance between what was my personality and what moved people from having me sell them something to them buying from me!

I forgot about this investment in my second year of sales and tried to ride on the coat tales of my year one success.  That is not a mistake that I will make again.

I was poking around the interwebs for my inspirational message for today and I came across an article printed in Success Magazine.  This particular article actually included Albert Einstein’s Formula for Success!

Einstein said, “If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.
X is work.
Y is play.
Z is keep your mouth shut.”

Now one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century has always been a curious character, his most famous equation E = mc2could hold true for many things but I think that I will now focus a little more on A=X+Y+Z and see if I can not continue to ride the wave of my own success.

Where will this Tsunami take me?  I really don’t know but I am truly glad that I have decided  to ride this wave and so far…I am liking the view!

Chris J Powell

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