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Depression and Anxiety Mixed with Pain

It has been a rough ride for me for the past several months.  From a 4 month head ache, to an abscessed tooth to a flare up of my Psoriasis I have been left with an immutable amount of confusion and frustration over the current state of my life.  All of this combined with a…

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Not Myself Today

The past couple of days have been more challenging than normal for me (or at least what my new normal is).  For those who don’t know me well and for those just stumbling upon this site for the first time…I have a couple of not so unique challenges that I face every day and every…

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Today, Tomorrow and Forever!

OK so this is a Tech Blog…for the most part.  I take the time each Monday to express and share some of the challenges, struggles and hard fought battles that I have gone through with my own inner struggle with Anxiety, Depression and Loss.  The past 6 months have been a real challenge for me…

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The Layers that Make Up All Of Us

I am finding it increasingly hard to sit down at the computer and not open up completely and just lay everything out about me in one fell swoop.  Sure it would take me several hours to complete and would probably be among the most boring works of non-fiction ever put out there but then I…

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The Pursuit of Happiness – Part One

There are many times in my 41 years on this planet that I wish I had a do over.  The past seven months have been a roller coaster of emotional traumas and the events that have transpired have forced me to really think and evaluate what is important to me.  I have read books, watched…

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