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Infographic of the Week – The World Needs Data Scientists

The world is filled with lots of Data.  Everything from your wants, desires and purchasing habits, to the co-relation of socioeconomic needs for the cities we live in…but there is a shortage of people who can look past the bits and bytes and see the Data for what it is…a gold mine of information.  What is even rarer, is the ability to turn that raw data into a usable and functional plan that can be used by businesses, governments and even consumers like you and I. This week’s Infographic is brought to you by Itellipaat, a company that provides Hadoop training.

Big Data for the Little Guy

The turning of the calendar to a new year has had me thinking long and hard about the direction of Krispy’s Bytes.  Within the world of Technology there are 3 core areas that always seem to get my attention: Open Source (Linux and GNU Software) Big Data Risk Management So as I sat back over the past few weeks and looked to what Krispy’s Bytes would become in 2015 I thought…why not focus on these three topics exclusively (with the addition of adding in the wonders of This Day in Tech History). I really want to focus on the low or no budget concept of dealing with technology challenges because having been a Small Business Owner myself…I know how tough it is to actually stretch a dollar. The Primary focus over the next several weeks will be to use a recently decommissioned computer to become a full fledged Big Data Machine, using nothing but free and open source tools.  I will be doing this for practical purposes and documenting the successes and failures as I go along. One thing that … Read more

Big Data and Risk Management

For some time I have been interested in both the concept of Risk Management and the technical world of Big Data and I never really thought about how the two could really interact.  That changed after watching a 6 minute video interview by Price Waterhouse Cooper on their YouTube Channel.  While it makes complete sense that the leveraging of the concepts together would be of extreme benefit, I know from having many Risk Management Conversations with former clients that the reality is, Risk Management is something that is just a necessary evil that only comes into practice when bad things happen. In the video it was interesting to look at the perspective of mapping Supply Chain Risk down to the individual Suppliers and the Suppliers Suppliers and looking at things like global instability to help build a full “threat map”.  Knowing the potential risk before entering into a partnership or supply agreement and knowing that the critical part or product that your company depends on is sourced from a single supplier in say emerging Green Technologies that require the use … Read more

Big Data – On the Cheap

I have worked for a lot of companies in my lifetime and I find it humorous how if I knew today back then just how much of an impact I could have had in assisting the organizations that I worked for in both the collection and the analysis of the data that they just have sitting around.  Data has always been collected.  It wasn’t always in raw bits and bytes…it was once in paper form but it was just as important.  I was reading through an Aberdeen Group Research Paper titled “Big Data for Small Budgets” and I had an epiphany. One of the points that really stood out for me in the paper was that the demand for real time or near real time Business Intelligence is almost the same for a Small Business as it is for a Large Enterprise but in having worked with and for numerous small businesses in the past, there is just not the staff, expertise or time to actually build a solution to provide that information to the Business Decision Makers.  This is … Read more

Infographic of the Week – Big Data in Sales

I may not be in Sales anymore but I still have a lot of Friends and Colleagues that still battle it out on the front lines of peddling products and selling services so I thought that I would use some of my new found insights into the world of Big Data to help them.  In my current role as a Service Concierge I hear my current batch of co-workers tell our customers that they are “just” an appointment booker…no one is just anything and the same should be said about the world of Big Data and Sales.

If my first project for my Data Science Course has taught me anything is that the Data I want is out there…I just need to find it, massage it and make sense of what it is telling me…that is a really great thing…and the same can be said about any Sales Professional out there!  Don’t wait for someone else to spoon feed you.  Take the bull by the horns and build…then you will really have something real to sell to your customers: YOU!!!

This week’s Infographic comes from and I really like how the combination of leveraging Big Data to target and Social Selling to build the connection is a great way to place the focus on helping the customer find what it is they are looking for…in some cases before they really know they are looking for it because you are using Predictive Analytics.  There are many a technique that can be built and leveraged for free…so don’t wait for your IT Department or Sales Management to spoon feed you the information…take advantage of Data Freedom and build what you need to be the best at your job…and more!!!

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Data, Data Everywhere…Not a Drop to Drink

The tap has been turned on for a while.  The amount of available data that we can take in, work with and muck about with is to say the least…daunting.  As I complete my first assignment and start working on the second week of Lectures in my Introduction to Data Science Course I have really started to look around at the freely available data sets and to say the least I am impressed with just how much information has been released from the chains of Corporate and Government control.  As I look through different options for Data Sets I can feel myself becoming like Neo from the Matrix…it is a cool feeling to have the access and the ability to manipulate, control and create new information from nothing more than simple data! Decisions and Predictions can truly be made and when you combine the freely available data sets (like those found in the Open Data Portals here in Canada) I really start to gather in just how important it is to be able to take the data from many sources and … Read more

Big Data and My Future

As many of my regular visitors know I have jumped into the learning of Data Science in a big way when I registered and started working on my first University Course from and so far I am absolutely loving it.  The initial challenge for me is wrapping my head around Python to complete the first assignment but that is another story all together. On Friday, I spent 10 hours pouring through several online tutorials on programming in general and Python specifically and I think that I have a very basic overview of how I will accomplish the first assignment and when I get home from work I will put my new found skills to the test but in the broader sense, what I am finding is that my future may just be in the world of Data Analytics.  The applications of being able to see Data for what it is and build visualizations of that Data is something that has always intrigued me. I have built simple tools to help me with researching this blog but I am finding … Read more

Infographic of the Week – The Sheer Size of My Information Overload

I am on a quest to figure out what my life will become, what needs to be cut out and what I need to expand upon.  I realized that the Information Overload that I experience every single day is starting to get out of hand and one of the first things that I will have to do is focus on what is truly important to me and to my future and place focus on that…but I stumbled across a very interesting Infographic that lays out the world of Data Growth and for those that don’t know the difference between a Megabyte and a Petabyte…well here is a quick reference for you all! Brought to you by datascience@berkeley: Master of Information and Data Science Cheers, Krispy

When Risk Outweighs Reward – The Ocean of Data

The amount of Data being generated by individuals, corporations and governments everyday is daunting and in many ways scary.  If so much data is being created (by most estimates it is around 2.5 Exabytes per day or enough to fill 2.5 Million 1TB Hard Drives) then what is being done with it all?  Is it safe? What is it used for?  Does it ever go away? This Ocean of New Data comes with many challenges but also a great many rewards and the investment in both collecting but also using and leveraging that Data is what I will look at today.  There are two interesting studies that looked at in preparation for this post: Big Data – The Risks and Rewards Locked in Vast Oceans of Data (by KPMG) GENERATING VALUE FROM ABSTRACT BIG DATA ANALYTICS (by ISACA) Looking through both of these documents it is clear that there is a huge potential upside of knowing more about…well everything and making smarter, more effective long term plans but to dive into the Risk vs. Rewards but to look at a deeper view of … Read more

When Risk Outweighs Reward – A Cloud Model

In all my time as a Sales Professional, I have been honest with my customers about the features and benefits of the products and services that I sell.  I try to hide nothing and I put all my cards on the table, it has what has made me successful in sales…but when I take a step back and look at the things around me.  The products and the services that are peddled every day…to the companies and the things that they do in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar…I take a step back and wonder…is the Risk worth the Reward? This is the first part of a series of looks at Risk vs Reward for different Technologies. One of the first things that every company and business leader needs to do is understand what their Risk Tolerance Level is.  We do it when making financial investments.  We sit down with our Advisers and make a solid short term, mid term and long term plan and then revisit it either annually or semi-annually and this is a good thing…but I … Read more