Chris J Powell

What is in a Brand?

Brands come and go, there is an ebb and flow to the consumer confidence and in the ability of a company or individual to influence and command…but what is it about a brand like Google, Apple, MacDonald’s or AT&T that has them command the top values in the world?  How can individuals or small businesses take the $158 Million Dollar Brand Value of Google and translate it to themselves? When I was in the heart of building my Personal Brand and focused on nothing but my career as a Sales Guy I did a lot of studying on what goes into building a Personal Brand and how to communicate value like the big guys (without a massive marketing budget or a team of professionals to support me). For every person, corporation or product…success did not come over night.  It did not come without hard work and an application of a strategy that took them from zero to hero…and very few brands have been able to maintain success for ever.  Probably one of the few companies that have continued on a … Read more

Social Media Leadership

One of the questions that I get asked by both clients and colleagues is how do you blend your Personal Brand with the Company Brand and not cross any lines?  I have to say it is a challenge but as one of the most active Social Media persona’s in my company, and someone who is constantly battling the dual master that I answer to (yes…that would be the two Brands that I try to promote) I would say that while a challenge, it is not that difficult to find the balance. As I approach my two year anniversary of Krispy’s Rants I figured I would take a step back and look at the work that I have done.  For this blog, I have made 603 Posts, connected with hundreds of clients and prospective clients through Social Media, mentored 8 different people on the use and promotion of Social Media and Personal Branding and most importantly…have increased my income by 5-10% because of all of this. Sure it has taken dedication and quite a bit of hard work.  Waking up and … Read more