Chris J Powell

Life Hacks Revisited – and Updated

My life has become a bit of a tangled mess of both interesting new adventures and mundane continuations of the drama that was before it was turned upside down.  I really enjoy the Krispy that I am becoming.  I am standing on my own two feet, moving forward and truly looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer and then reality sometimes creeps in to reveal that life is not really meant to be rainbows and unicorns. In many ways the Life Hacks that I have instituted into my life to help me remain focused on what I will be next June when the first year of my development into Krispy 2.0 is complete are going along…slowly.  I am finding that the loss of 1/3 of myself (weight wise) has started to add some unique challenges like joints that for no apparent reason slip out (shoulder and knee especially) and that while I am eating relatively healthy foods, I seem to be affected by common colds and flu like illnesses on a far more alarming rate. The new me does … Read more

Free App Friday – A Budget, A Budget, My Kingdom for a Budget

Recent events in my life had me take a long hard look at how I live my life and how I spend my money.  Leaving the relative safety of high incomes afforded by being a better than average Sales Guy allowed me to have a fairly fluid life style that quickly became one of…if I have the money buy it…if not wait, it will come.  Well moving into the real world where there is not “next big commission cheque” and taking a 50% pay cut has left me wondering how to make ends meet and live like a regular person who actually has to make a budget work…but just like the investigation into finding any software…it becomes a very laborious task. I started with an Excel spread sheet and figured that would be enough but the templates that I found on the Interwebz were not detailed enough and I wasn’t in the mood to put my programming skills to work to build one that I would like because it wasn’t just for me…and I would make it WAY too complex … Read more