Chris J Powell

Social Media in 2014

For me, Social Media has been about the conversation and the connections that are made with those that I follow but also with those who follow me.  When it comes to the Brand Ambassador’s of 2014 in the world of Social Media, there is a storm coming and the real question is…are you ready for it? I did some digging around the fabulous Interwebz and there are several interesting predictions for the future of Social Media in 2014 but my favorite comes from the folks over at  To “Krispify” these predictions I will look to their top 5 predictions and add my own insights. 1. Look for a shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video. I have personally avoided the concept of Youtube and Video Podcasting for some time, but I have started to look at the opportunity to share some insights through short broadcasts.  Expect to see some Video Posts in the near future as I become more proficient with tools like SnagIt and Jing from TechSmith. 2.  Businesses will embrace the ‘fandom’. Is your business embracing the … Read more

Social Media Leadership

One of the questions that I get asked by both clients and colleagues is how do you blend your Personal Brand with the Company Brand and not cross any lines?  I have to say it is a challenge but as one of the most active Social Media persona’s in my company, and someone who is constantly battling the dual master that I answer to (yes…that would be the two Brands that I try to promote) I would say that while a challenge, it is not that difficult to find the balance. As I approach my two year anniversary of Krispy’s Rants I figured I would take a step back and look at the work that I have done.  For this blog, I have made 603 Posts, connected with hundreds of clients and prospective clients through Social Media, mentored 8 different people on the use and promotion of Social Media and Personal Branding and most importantly…have increased my income by 5-10% because of all of this. Sure it has taken dedication and quite a bit of hard work.  Waking up and … Read more