Chris J Powell

Technology Freeing Us from Bonds – Or Making Us All Slaves

It is funny how technology has the ability to both connect us to each other in new and amazing ways and at the same time isolate us and make each and everyone of us who embraces the world of technology beholden to the whims and the changes that it provides. The health issues that I have been going through have made me really think about what today and tomorrow is likely to bring to me and to my future and I wonder if the world of technology that I have fallen head over heels for has made my life easier or if it has made me more dependent on it. For me, my love affair with technology really started back when I was a young lad when my parents decided to bring home a Commodore Vic20.  It enabled me to start mucking about with programming and let me see the fruits of my labors you see, you could purchase programming magazines and enter the coding and then see the output on the screen before you.  It was amazing how, in … Read more

Learning to Code – Geeks Unite

My love for computers has been there for a long time.  It runs deep and for the most part I have been involved with the hardware side of things with the occasional attempt to learn some coding.  I have tinkered with Visual Basic in the creation of Scripts to make my work environment a little easier, built some fanciful Big Data Applications to make researching easier and even tried my hand at building an application or two back in the post Dot Com bust but I everything that I have done in the past has always been to serve a very specific end.  I have learned just enough to complete the project that I was working on and never actually sat down and really learned how to do the things that would make me a true Coder Geek. When I signed up for a Data Science course a few months ago I found myself completely out of my depths when it comes to being able to keep up with the relatively light course load and it was mainly because I … Read more