Chris J Powell

Against All Odds…BE A DAD

There are many things in life that make us wonder what the next step is.  I have taken on many new and unforeseen responsibilities in the past year and while many of these things make me scratch my head and wonder if it is all worth it, at the end of the day I have no doubt that it is. For any Father, Dad or Male Role Model out there, if you are going to step up to impregnate, act as a father or be a dad…this job is for life!!! REALIZE THAT AND DON’T DO IT IF YOU CAN’T MAN UP!!! I find myself faced with the challenge of being a Father and a Dad to my own child but through the blessing of finding my one true love after 44 years, I have inherited two other children whose own fathers/dads have seen fit to decide that the job was either too difficult or not worth the reward! Well I call BULL SHIT on that one. If any male is man enough to impregnate a woman…than they should be … Read more

A Dad's Renewed Dedication

There are few things in this life that are truly unconditional but one of those things that are, are the love of a Father for his Child. 15 Years ago today I became a very lucky man when I heard the first tender cries from my beautiful Daughter.  I will never forget the first time I held her in my arms and when she opened her eyes, I could tell that she was meant to be my little girl (FOREVER).  The two of us share a very special bond, one that goes beyond Father and Daughter…we are like two peas cast from the same pod…many years apart. She is my little Geek 2.0 and I am so proud of everything that she does. I have put her through a lot over the years…10 moves in 15 years is a lot for anyone but for the most part, the moves were always to bring about positive change…at least I hope so. Her strength of character is something that inspires me to be the best that I can be…to never stop trying to improve and to be … Read more

Confessions of a Geek Dad – Infographic of the Week

I proudly take full ownership of my status as a Geek…but more importantly that of a Geek Dad.  With the end of my first 2 weeks without my little kiddo (ok she is not so little anymore) and the start of my next full two weeks approaching fast I figured that I would head out onto the web to find some information about just how cool it is to be a Geek Dad…I was surprised to find a ton of information on the subject…and beyond that…a really cool Infographic or two. When it comes to being a Geek Dad and building upon the lessons that I have learned (many of them through trial and error and countless 1000’s of dollars lost to “experiments”) I can only hope that my own quest for connection and understanding of the tech in my life does spill over to the things that my daughter will do with her life. When it comes to the here and the now…I am always impressed with just how fast my little wonder kid picks up on technology and … Read more

Being a Dad is Hard…Dating My Daughter…well Read on

I love being a Dad, it is one of the greatest accomplishments that I have ever done.  I can honestly say that I am proud to be the father of a beautiful, intelligent and mature teenager but the nightmare that is being a father of a Teenage Girl is about to begin for me. I knew the day would come that infatuations and crushes would turn to dating, proms and well the things that teenage girls do with teenage boys…I shutter at the thought as I think back to the awkward years of 1986 to 1990 for me…but then I realize that I was the boy, I know the tricks…and I am fully aware of the hormones that rage through their not quite fully grown bodies so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to lay out the ground rules for potential suitors that may come calling! This is really just a guide line for the potential that any young man will have to go through when it comes to getting to know my daughter and getting to … Read more