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WebApp Wednesday – Markdown

During my evaluation of Content Management Solutions for the relaunch of this site I looked at a lot of Flat File CMS’s that not only supported the Markdown Language but were built directly around it.  Despite returning to the site’s roots as a WordPress based website, I fell in love with the idea of being…

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Going Mobile – The Data Question

Once again I find the group package that I am currently a part of is lacking in the ability to supply my data needs with an effective coverage and support so now just 1 year into a 2 year contract I am looking at the options that I have to move away from my current…

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Big Data and My Future

As many of my regular visitors know I have jumped into the learning of Data Science in a big way when I registered and started working on my first University Course from and so far I am absolutely loving it.  The initial challenge for me is wrapping my head around Python to complete the…

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Infographic of the Week – The Sheer Size of My Information Overload

I am on a quest to figure out what my life will become, what needs to be cut out and what I need to expand upon.  I realized that the Information Overload that I experience every single day is starting to get out of hand and one of the first things that I will have…

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