Chris J Powell

I am back – Krispy's Rants Lives…but now it is "i am krispy"

It has taken me far longer than I had anticipated, considering that I moved away from the world of shared hosting to becoming a System Admin all on my own but so far the experience has been not only worth it, it has been incredibly rewarding. I set up everything from scratch, using some great resources found on the interwebz and then dove into the modification of a theme that I think is pretty darn awesome! I was torn for several weeks about migrating to a different Content Management Solution other than WordPress but at the end of the day, it was by far the easiest, most supported and despite having no less than 10 reinstalls of the OS and the site, I am no ready to touch every single post on the site and reconnect all the broken and missing links. First off, the VPS Server that I chose was among the most affordable solutions I have ever seen, I went with as my provider with a 768 MB $5.00 per month setup, then I went about trying … Read more

OS Sunday – Breath Life Back Into an Old PC

Every once in a while I like to head out and look for a minimalist version of Linux that could be installed on hardware that is more than 10 years old because even after several Technology Purges, I still have a few computers kicking around that are on the wrong side of the 10 year mark and just don’t cut it for the latest and greatest of anything.  I found a new spin on the Debian OS that uses a new Fork of the KDE Desktop called Trinity and thought that I would give it a spin.  The Q4OS has stated Hardware Requirements that are indeed minimalist:  300 MHz for a Processor (circa 1996-97), 128 MB of RAM and just 3 GB of Hard Drive Space.  This is indeed a light weight distro and the download even only is 319 MB for the 64 Bit version. So with it indeed being designed for older PCs, how will it operate when I unleash the Oracle Virtual Machine configured with 4 GB of RAM and a 20 GB HDD?  Well I was … Read more

OS Sunday – What's the Point?

For some time I have been exploring the world of Linux from the perspective of trying to find the ultimate desktop.  This has been more than a little bit of a challenge as there are so many solid choices out there and as soon as you go beyond the big names like Ubuntu, Mint Linux, Open SUSE and Fedora, the quality varies greatly but it is that very choice that has me heading out week after week to find one that I can stay with for the long term. This week I looked at and found a distribution based on Debian Linux that uses the Mate Desktop and at initial glance seemed to fit the bill as something that I could live with. Point Linux comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and in both Core and Full versions so I decided to give the Full version in 64-bit a try.  The direct download of 993 MB was a good size although I do kind of miss the days when the groups that produce these versions of Linux at least tried … Read more

OS Sunday – I'm Not Chic, I Could Never Be Chic!

It may seem strange quoting Sid Vicious when it comes to a Technology Blog let alone a review of a Linux Distribution but in this case…I think it truly fits.  This week I took a look at Aptosid which is a distro based on the unstable branch of Debian that is known as Sid.  The interesting thing about Aptosid is that with the latest release known as Thanatos they have opened up multiple options for download…I chose the big daddy option with is the amd64 Full KDE to get a good feel of what came under the hood with at 2.0 GB Download. First off, I noticed that Aptosid is an odd mix of old school and new school.  While the Live DVD incorporates full functionality, the installer has taken a step back and is focused on function rather than form.  I set up the Oracle VirtualBox image to provide 4GB of RAM and 20GB of HDD space for this test.  I guess I have gotten just a little too complacent lately with distros that set my partitions for me … Read more

OS Sunday – Here Boy…Dat's a Good Boy?

The most recent addition to our family the Boxer Pup named Chelsea had been going through what I can only assume is the equivalent of her teenage years and is being a little more defiant than normal.  With that being said, when I stumbled across SparkyLinux earlier this week I was intrigued by this Debian Based Distro. The first thing that I noticed about SparkyLinux is its use of the Enlightenment Desktop.  Normally I am not a real big fan of the big Launcher Bar but I figured that I would give it a try because of a few recent comments about the Desktop.  Downloading the 1.5GB Torrent was quick and easy and the Live Media started up very fast when I set it up in a VirtualBox environment with 4GB of RAM and 20GB of HDD space.  SparkyLinux does come with a Mate edition that is in Beta but I figured that using the E17 Desktop would be a nice change. I found the installation a bit confusing mainly because it required me to include a Swap File, despite … Read more