Chris J Powell

What Would You Do with a Million Dollars – Part 1

A couple of years ago I put a lot of thought into what I would do if someone handed me a Million Dollars and said spend it all within one month on the things you want…not what you need.  This exercise was interesting and a bit of a challenge as I have always had relatively simple tastes as I strive to live within my means.  When I wrote that series though, I was in a very different place than I am in today so I figured it was time for a revisit of this little fantasy. As I look at all that I have, for the most part I feel satisfied that I have what I need, but if I was ever to be lucky enough to be given the opportunity to blow through a Million Dollars on the stuff I want…I think that I could actually successfully complete the task.  This time around I am going to be relatively selfish but at the same time, knowing that once the money is gone, it will be up to me to … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 4

With some wheels on the road, a full compliment of computer gear and a living filled with sound and video my original Million Dollar Spending Spree is down to just  $860,990.00.  The spending has been focused on what I want but this week I will be looking a the things and deeds that I want to do that can spread some good in both my community and around the world.  There are a few charities that I have been wanting to get involved with for a while but not having the time or the spare cash to really make a difference I wanted to use today’s post to share some really amazing Tech Charities and bleed off some of my “ill gotten gains”.  This post is all about showcasing some charities that I would not only want to be a part of, but would also be an organization that I could believe in in the long term.  There are literally 1000’s of options to choose from and to narrow the list down to 4…has been hard. This Canadian Charity focuses … Read more

If I Had a Million Dollars – Part 2

After last week, my starting balance of $1,000,000 had been whittled down to  $895,897.00 with the purchase of what can only be described as a set of wheels that would define the personality that I think that I have.  But now today it is about getting my true geek on.  The Information Superhighway has lots of Tech, Gear and Gadgets that I would love to have but because I am a cheap bastard, I just look, wish and dream…and that is what these posts are all about…the Dream and the Wants. When it comes to the latest Techie Gear, I am still a man of relatively simple tastes but there are several interesting items that with my new found virtual wealth I would definitely grab.  I love my Nexus 4 so the next logical progression for a new phone would be the latest upgrade to the Nexus 6 but I am torn between staying true to the Nexus brand or returning to my one true Mobile Love…Motorola.  The debate in my own head rages on and on…but at the end of … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 1

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the Wants and Needs in my life and every time my mind starts to wander to the “Wants” I think of the song “If I Had a Million Dollars” by the Bare Naked Ladies.  This early 90’s anthem of wanting “K-Cars, Chesterfields and Kraft Dinner” I thought why not create a running total of the things that I want and see if I can hit the spending limit of $1,000,000.  It is important to note that this list will have a distinctly “tech geek” feel to it as I go shopping online for the things that there is no way this cheap bastard would ever get unless he had a spare Million laying around! I have been walking everywhere for the past 6 months and while it has done wonders for my physical conditioning, it has caused a bit of a strain on my social endeavours…in fact, I kind of miss the people that while I would see them infrequently…now I don’t see them at all so I become a bit of … Read more