Chris J Powell

A New Browser – and More???

So every once in a while I will get a random request for me to look at a piece of software, application or service.  Most of the time I look quickly at the request and then glance at the proposal and move on…not having much interest in doing that type of review work…but recently as my time and energy are being summarily pulled in many different directions, I realized that maybe I should actually take a closer look at these request. The lead developer on a project called BriskBard reached out to me and in the email said: I developed BriskBard and I’m looking for help getting the word out about it. I would appreciate any mention you can make, either on your website or elsewhere. Ok…not a major ask and I do tend to look over these types of requests and just because of time constraints don’t do much about them.  But there was something interesting about this concept, one that I remember from back in the original Browser Battle Days of Netscape vs Internet Explorer and then in … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World Has Lost – Part 5

I don’t know about you but when I think back to the early days of the Interwebz I think of how exciting it was to get an email from someone on the other side of the world…or even the first few pieces of Spam would get me to open them.  Heck, email was so shiny and new, they even made a movie out of it back in 1998 that became a cultural icon of romantic comedies called “You’ve Got M@ail”…Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are truly a perfect combination together! Also in the 90’s (if you were exploring the bowels of the World Wide Web as I was) the world of Homestar Runner popped up and one of the cultural Icons of the early Interwebz was Strongbad and his weekly (or almost) Flash Animation of him reading out and recreating the contents of an email, one of my all time favorites is Strongbad loves Techno: So thinking back to the 90s and the world of lost tech you may say email is still around…but the reality is…email today is vastly … Read more

Infographic of the Week – Email Security

There has been much talk recently about the death of email as a primary means of communication but I just don’t see it.  I still send and receive more that 1000 emails every day (and that does not include my work email).  I think most people are similar (although maybe not as extreme) and email is set to be around for a long time.  In honour of the Gmail’s 10th Birthday (it is hard to believe that in just 6 weeks I will have had my original Gmail account for that long) I dug up an Infographic that looks at Email Security from Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics Cheers, Krispy

The Box is Overflowing

I have to admit, I am a bit of an email junky.  I am on so many “mailing lists” that it is hard to imagine that I would be able to do anything other than read emails all day.  I have 7 Active Email Accounts that I check on a regular basis, 4 of which are forwarded to my phone at a moments notice.  Over the past week I have done a bit of an audit on how many emails I receive and was both impressed and dismayed that my volume has dropped over the past several months…this may have more to do with better SPAM filters…but I digress. The 740-750 legitimate emails that I receive every day draw my attention at least to the subject line on every byte of data that is transmitted to me.  I open probably 75% of all those emails and at the end of each day I work very hard to have a Zero Inbox, but that is not always possible. I am not alone in this, I was thumbing through a report on … Read more

Da Email, Da Email…You had NO IDEA Strongbad!

For those who are not familiar with the works of the beloved Internet Luchador, Strong Bad the long ago internet sensation (before the time of YouTube and Vine) there was a weekly flash video produced from far away in Strongbadia that would answer fans questions in…well a pretty unique way (SB Email) but even as the computer that Strong Bad uses in the videos so too has Email evolved and despite rumors of its imminent demise…it is likely to remain around for a  very long time. (heck I even wanted to believe with posts like I am not the only one confronted by the email pollution and Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix? but with this venerable web tool (yes the only thing on the internet older than me is email) it keeps reinventing itself. While Friday’s are typically my Free App Reviews, I could not resist taking a gander at the future of email with “Inky” a relatively new take on the 42 year old medium that we all love to hate. With as many email addresses as I have … Read more

Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix?

Increasing Productivity is one of those challenging goals that many of us hope to achieve but few truly achieve over an extended period.  There are Management Consultants that will charge companies ridiculous sums to come in and advise on how to improve corporate productivity but the reality is…much of the focus to improve productivity starts with the implementation of a system to manage the flood of email that comes to your inbox (s) each day. I have been looking at several focused and targeted ways to do this for months as I suffer from complete and total email overload most days.  I maintain 5 email addresses (that I actually check and use) and each and every day I receive between 700-1000 emails each and every day.  I looked at the inbox of each of these addresses and realized that I am an email Hoarder! My work inbox has 38 folders, my email has 15 folders and my well there are more than 8000 emails that I keep in the inbox (just in case). I came across an interesting … Read more