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Geeking Out with Browsers

For most of us, the Web Browser is nothing more than a utility to check our Facebook, browse websites, even check our email and connect with friends and family. In the nearly 20 years that I have actively been involved with this great big world that is the Interwebz I have seen more than my…

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Browser Battle 2014

Most of my life is now spent inside of a browser. ¬†No seriously. Between work, blogging and surfing the web, I spend no less than 10-15 hours in front of some sort of screen and for the most part, this involves having a web browser open and doing something with the wonders of the Interwebz.…

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There is a Battle Brewing…and It May Turn into an All Out WAR!

We have all seen the power plays in the Mobility Space. ¬†Fingers being pointed from one company to another about who owns what patent and what shape a Smartphone or Tablet should be, but if you thought 2012 was a challenging year to keep up with when it comes to the fast and furious Mobile…

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