Chris J Powell

Preparing for a Fresh Start

As I sit here this morning, enjoying another cup of coffee and reflect back on what I have done with my life in the past 42 years I really don’t have many regrets, although the ones that I do have are pretty big.  My life path has changed a few times over those years but I am, for the most part happy with where I sit today. Later this morning I head off on an interview.  I don’t know much about the company or its product and I know that the job itself will be relatively hum drum but considering the health issues that I have been battling with, right now a pay check is what I need, not a life changing career that will have be being an international globe trotting superstar. In the past, I have worked really hard to be the best in what ever profession I was in that itself has caused me a lot of stress and had me setting expectations upon myself that were not only difficult to live up to, but also set … Read more

Lifehack #1 – The Grand Reset

Recent actions by others in my life have caused me to do a whole lot of introspection lately.  Having gone through a terrifying time with my Mother’s Battle with Cancer (so far so good – the surgery went well, she is home and on the mend in a big way) but now I am faced with one of the biggest challenges of my adult life…moving on alone. I am now single (well sort of) and one of the biggest threats to my mental stability continues to breach itself in very ugly ways.  The debt that I brought with me leaving my 16 year marriage and I am really wondering if it is possible to make it through this really tough time right now.  To top things off, my daughter (the one true love of my life) is moving 45 minutes away to live with her Mom so now I have to really focus on the grand plan of a reset. But what do I reset and what do I keep the same?  I poured over everything that I have been … Read more