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Throwback Thursday – Hacking My Life

With all the radical changes that have been happening in my life lately, I figured that it was time to really take a hard look at what I want out of the 2nd half of my life (assuming I can make it to the ripe old age of 84).  The past year has laid out many of the faults and flaws in what I thought was a solid life plan, and I could sink into a world view that had me questioning every decision that I have made in my adult life but what good would that do. For a long time I have looked to the power of the website for insight and tips on how to improve everything from my own productivity to getting the most out of the technology that I have all around me but now with this deep period of introspection in front of me…I figured I would dive into my future in full force and look for some ways to make me into the best person that I can be…while still retaining the “good” … Read more

What to Do When you Flunk???

I would not call myself a failure and for the most part I have been relatively successful in everything that I have ever done but when it came to entering back into the world of learning 20 years after graduating from College…well lets just say…diving into an advanced Analytics Course as my first iteration of learning may have been a mistake.  I have big Brass Balls when it comes to taking on new tasks but this one…it was just too much too fast. Big Data and Analytics are two things that I am very much interested in, but as the course that I was in progressed I found myself profoundly unprepared for the weekly work load as I was having to side step and dive into additional “training” like learning how to program in Python and take a foundation course in Statistics so I dropped out.  I don’t quit on things…it is just not in my nature but in this case…it was quit or fall even further behind. So what is a guy supposed to do that desperately wants to … Read more

For Every Step Forward…

Life has a funny way of reminding you that Destiny and Fate are fickle.  As I sit here and contemplate what my future may hold I try to look at the positive aspects that I have built around me over the past few months in this crazy time of regeneration and building a new me and then the negatives that always seem to creep in come and smack me square in the face. Reality is, the life that I have now is a shell of what I had and that can be expected as I start over…but starting over is one thing…starting over with nothing…well that just sucks. The dark place that these thoughts take me to are a stark reminder that while I have removed myself from the two conditions that inflame the Anxiety…the situations and the potentials that are out there still come in to cause me pain and misery.  I wouldn’t say that I am depressed but I am definitely off today and that is not a good thing. Maybe it is this Summer Cold that crept … Read more

Happy – Not Just a Pharrell Williams Song

A couple of months ago when it became obvious that my future would be my own and I would not have the support of someone else to get through the tough spots in life anymore I must say that I was starting to wonder if I would be really able to be Happy.  Sure, I could put on a rare smile and go through the motions but considering my history with borderline depression and frequent bouts of Anxiety I was wondering if it was possible to be “really” happy and not just the outer shell of happy that I let others see. The first two weeks of July I got to spend with the best girl one could possibly ask for, my smart, beautiful and wise beyond her years 14 year old daughter.  I learned so much about myself by hanging out with her, going for our little adventures and focusing on just one thing…being there for her because I realized that as hard as this new reality was for me…it was twice as hard for her. Waking up and … Read more

Big Data and My Future

As many of my regular visitors know I have jumped into the learning of Data Science in a big way when I registered and started working on my first University Course from and so far I am absolutely loving it.  The initial challenge for me is wrapping my head around Python to complete the first assignment but that is another story all together. On Friday, I spent 10 hours pouring through several online tutorials on programming in general and Python specifically and I think that I have a very basic overview of how I will accomplish the first assignment and when I get home from work I will put my new found skills to the test but in the broader sense, what I am finding is that my future may just be in the world of Data Analytics.  The applications of being able to see Data for what it is and build visualizations of that Data is something that has always intrigued me. I have built simple tools to help me with researching this blog but I am finding … Read more

Infographic of the Week – The Rise of Wearable Tech

For some time the idea of Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things has intrigued me.  I was reading about the exceedingly sexy Moto360 (you may have heard about it, it is a round SmartWatch) and once again became enamored with the idea of connecting another wonderful device to my growing collection of amazingly brilliant technology.  As I round up the end of my Google Free Experience I wonder…the deeper that I connect with a company like Google, will I be forever beholden to them?  Oh well back to Wearable Tech. Over at they came up with a great look at the history of Wearable Tech, from its humble beginnings as a way to hack the casinos to present with Google Glass, SmartWatches and even SmartFashion…yes I went there…Geek Gear Gone Wild!!!   Cheers, Krispy

Back to School – For Me???

As my daughter wraps up the final two days of Grade 9 I sit here thinking about the dozens of missed or lost opportunities that I have had over the years because of choices I made…what feels like a lifetime ago.  I would like to think that I am intelligent, hard working and have a future at just about anything that I attempt mainly because I am bull headed and don’t give up on things easily…but more than once, my choice to attend College instead of University has come back to bite me. It is funny because when I think back to 1991 and that singular choice that I made to accept the offer to attend Georgian College in Owen Sound Ontario I thought that I was making a good decision, one that would provide me and my future family a real future…the reality is…it has not done that. To all the young people out there, this is as much a warning to you as it is a cathartic call to action for me!  The choices that you make today … Read more

Today, Tomorrow…Forever

In many ways I have shifted my world view to something more of a short term forecast of my own destiny.  No longer do I plot and plan grand 5 year plans…and while I do see the value in the big picture, for far too long I was beholden to this future that I had painted for myself.  This grand artwork of Planning, Budgeting and Goal Setting served me well for many years but I lost sight of some very important parts of myself and of those around me and for that I can not apologize enough. Don’t get me wrong here…I am not in any way saying that Goals should not be set forth…I am saying that keeping the focus not on the long term plan but on the near term and adjusted not only with great frequency but also in smaller more bite sized pieces. I fell victim to the lure of the big prize at the end of the race.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The carrot at the end of the … Read more

Infographic of the Week – 10 Jobs that Didn't Exist

As I find myself on the outside looking in at what my future will hold (despite the cathartic benefit of saying goodbye to the stress of Sales)…I wonder and think of my daughter who is preparing for her future.  New roles and jobs and careers are popping up all the time and when I came across this Infographic by I just couldn’t resist. by taniacreative. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   Cheers, Krispy

The Next Big Thing – Graphene

Last week I took a look at how jumping into Disruptive Technologies is much like being a member of Fight Club and I thought that I would take a look at some other Disruptive Technologies that are not only making the news…but potentially changing the world that we live in today.  Sure there are things like 3d Printing and Always Connected Internet but there is one technology that I found so impressive and had me scratching my head wondering why I had never heard of it before.


Read moreThe Next Big Thing – Graphene