Chris J Powell

Da Email, Da Email…You had NO IDEA Strongbad!

For those who are not familiar with the works of the beloved Internet Luchador, Strong Bad the long ago internet sensation (before the time of YouTube and Vine) there was a weekly flash video produced from far away in Strongbadia that would answer fans questions in…well a pretty unique way (SB Email) but even as the computer that Strong Bad uses in the videos so too has Email evolved and despite rumors of its imminent demise…it is likely to remain around for a  very long time. (heck I even wanted to believe with posts like I am not the only one confronted by the email pollution and Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix? but with this venerable web tool (yes the only thing on the internet older than me is email) it keeps reinventing itself. While Friday’s are typically my Free App Reviews, I could not resist taking a gander at the future of email with “Inky” a relatively new take on the 42 year old medium that we all love to hate. With as many email addresses as I have … Read more

Knowing When to Walk Away

Some things look good on paper, and sometimes it is just hope that has them look good but when when the chips are down and there is only one person who can atone for the sins of the man…it is time to walk away.  The past two weeks I went on an experiment, looking to see if the world of call centres had changed in the 5 years that I was away from them…I can attest…they have not. Having come from a job that I loved the clients and many of my co-workers but suffered through much of the rest of the grind…I am not sure why I took on the role that I did, knowing it was a Call Centre.  They billed it as a Sales Professional’s dream gig, with great rewards and easy product to sell…well the reality is, I was nothing more than a glorified Telemarketer in Sales Professional’s clothing. In all the Sales Training that I have had in the past 5 years, the core rules of success have always included: Believe in Yourself (yep I … Read more

Big Data and Small Business

A funny thing happened to me the other day as I was trudging through my new job as a Small Business Consultant and trying to find some relevancy between what I have been doing for the past several years and the reality that I am facing today as a “Sales Guy”.  It is hard to be a Technical Sales Professional when the product that you are working with is the most un-technical out there and its purchase is based entirely on the hopes and dreams of a Small Business Owner and then I stumbled across some material that hit home. The world of Big Data may seem daunting and at times overwhelming but it affects nearly every business out there and an effective plan can definitely improve the ability and capability of a business to be successful.  The danger as usual when dealing with technology that is out of the comfort zone of a business is overextending the look down the Rabbit Hole. In a 2011 Report  titled “Big Data: Harnessing a Game Changing Asset” SAS builds a great back … Read more

A New Dawn, A New Day

The adventure that is the life of Krispy continues to unravel before me.  It is interesting to see how the amount that things have changed in the past 5 years the more they stay the same and that I am making an unceremonious return to Call Center life (not what I thought would happen).  This is becoming one of those moments in my life that while it is not what I wanted, it is what I got and hey…4 1/2 years at Call Centers before making the leap to Sales for 5 years…it is the combination of both of these worlds. Training will be interesting as I take 5 years of Sales Experience and apply it to this new world that I will be living in.  One thing is for sure though…a Job is definitely not a Career and I will continue to explore my options as I plug away at making my “metrics” and focus on being productive and hopefully make some money as well. What will the future hold?  Well it is too early to tell but I … Read more

Technology Watch List

When it comes to the next big thing, there are few that can argue with Gartner Research’s ability to look into that Technology Crystal Ball and see the future for what it is.  Yesterday at one of there conferences they revealed the “2014 Watch List” and I for one was surprised that there were no surprises in the top technologies coming around the corner next year.  The Krispification of the Gartner Press Release is below. Mobile Device Diversity and Management Ever since the birth of the iPhone and then the coming of age for Android Devices, the importance of the Device has shifted away from the corporate owned “Blackberry Fleet” to a BYOD world and no surprise here, this trend will continue.  According to Gartner well into 2018 this will be a top focus. Mobile Apps and Applications Again no surprise here but the reality is, the need to go mobile is a trend that needs to be a better focus.  More and more, event the need to have a basic website be responsive to the needs of the customer … Read more

The Best Part of a New Year

One of the great things that I love about the fresh start of a New Year is all the wonderful Technology Predictions that float around the Interwebz, so I thought I would throw my moderately educated guesses into the fold thanks to having read 100’s of other predictions and spent the past two years trolling the web for content. Broadband for All – the Global push towards high speed internet as a global imperative (hey the UN says it is a Basic Human Right) takes a radical step forward with new Mobile Technologies that drive down the cost and dramatically increase throughput speeds. Apple will Stumble – The push towards building for the lowest common denominator and a focus on its mobility devices (iPhone and iPad) take a major knock as a shortage of a key component for the “Retina Display” occurs.  Stock prices plummet and consumer confidence causes a shift towards the alternatives. Resurgence of Blackberry – This is partly wishful thinking but until Blackberry can work out a licensing deal with a competitor…there is a global uptake in the Blackberry 10 … Read more

Welcome to the End – Or the Beginning????

Today if you believe in the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the End.  The exclamation mark on a 5000+ year run…and the universe will now do a grand reset destroying and recreating everything!  I would like to think that this is all just a bunch of silliness and considering that it is now already Saturday in New Zealand the entire concept is really over.  We can do the recalculations, we can pretend that we didn’t fully understand the message but at the end of the day…they were wrong and we couldn’t actually ask them how they made their calculations! So if the End is not here, is it possible to have a New Beginning?  A personal Reset?  We strive to do this each year with New Year’s Resolutions so why not apply our “borrowed time” to a grand Reset of ourselves! What will you do with your “Extra Time”?  Take a step back and think of what is missing from your life.  Is it more money?  Stronger connections to your family?  Committing to Charity Work?   Getting a Promotion at … Read more