Chris J Powell

Joining the Lollipop Guild

For those who know me, I am not very patient when it comes to things that are within my power to control the outcome.  That is one of the main reasons why I dislike taking the bus…standing around waiting for someone else to drive me somewhere seems like such a waste of time.  I could have waited for the Over the Air (OTA) update for my Nexus 4 so that I could have the latest and greatest that Android has to offer but that is just not in my nature so within hours of the release of the the Factory Image of Android 5.0 I was sitting down and pushing the OS onto my phone and so far, I couldn’t be happier! I followed the relatively simple instructions found over at the International Business Times website and bam…I was not only updated…I was transported to a brand new phone. Some of the most notable features that I have noticed 36 hours in include: Improved Battery Performance At this point it is just anecdotal but I am seeing about 1 to 1.5 hours … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 3

Last week after getting my Geek on and getting some new mobile Tech to make my life a little more fluid…I have whittled down the Million to  $883,969.00 and this week with a bit of a blitz through the world of entertainment electronics I suspect that I will be able to use up a sizable chunk of what is left.  While most of my life is spent in front of a computer Screen, there are those occasions that I like to kick back and watch some TV or Movies or even play a game or two with my Geek 2.0 daughter and that is what this week’s adventure in exploring my Wants is all about! Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV The Centerpiece of any Home Entertainment System is the choice in Televisions and even though I have no real need or desire for a TV that is much bigger than the one I have now (an older 32″ model that I picked up for around $300 5 years ago), when building the ultimate of anything…I do believe … Read more

Infographic of the Week – Using Google for Good

Of all the skills that I have learned over the years, the one that is most prominent (beyond walking and chewing gum at the same time) is the ability to use Google Search effectively.  It has saved my bacon more than once and is an overlooked skill that should actually be part of almost every classroom endeavor in the public school system. Over the years I have found myself sending the “Let Me Google That For You” link for an incredibly mundane question to co-workers, friends and family members, not to be cruel but to extend my knowledge of the GoogleFu that is out there.  Finding information and being able to distill that into knowledge is something that is so very important in this the age of information. Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics Go forth and search my young padawans! Cheers, Krispy

Infographic of the Week – A Little Lollipop Envy

Here it is November 5 and I am still anxiously awaiting two things from Google: An Invite to Google Inbox Android 5.0 Lollipop Update The release of Android 5.0 came out on Monday and the Over The Air (OTA) updates started for some of the Nexus Devices almost immediately but despite a feverish clicking of the Check Updates button, still nothing for me.  The Mobile OS has come a very long way since its humble beginnings back in 2003 and this week’s Infographic comes from the great minds at Courtesy of: Cheers, Krispy

What was the Google Barge???

In looking through the tombs that are the Interwebz this morning I caught wind that the mysterious Google Barge Project had for some reason been scrapped before either of the units were completed.  The conspiracy theorist in me can see why these strange contraptions raised a bit of a stir but when the hype was in full swing I honestly let things slide until such time as I got more and more involve in the Internet Freedom Movement and started to wonder if the reported use (a Floating Technology Demonstration Centre) was true of if this could have had a more nefarious reason for existing. Some questions really start to creep into my mind…if it was a Technology Demonstration Center like it was being touted, and Google was indeed the actual owner, then why would they hide its purpose from the public and why would they construct it under a shell company called Buy N’ Large (from the movie WALLe). Back in 2009, Google filed a Patent for a Water Based Data Center.  The fact that this would be a self … Read more

12 Days without Google

You have no idea just how pervasive a service is until you give up on it cold turkey.  12 days ago I decided that I would extricate myself from the hold of Google for a period of two weeks and I must say, while I have been successful thus far…it has not been easy at all! At work I have forced myself to use Duck Duck Go as a replacement for Google to do my work searches while helping customers and after a decade of honing my Google Jujitsu and Search Capabilities I have been left feeling less than adequate when I all to often find myself jumping to page 3 or 4 of the search results to find the relevant content that I would under normal circumstances have found on the first page. Not using search has proven to be the easiest endeavor though as I made sure that I bookmarked most of my commonly used sites before undertaking this act of masochism as it relates to my technology life.  What has truly been hard has been not using … Read more

Could We Live Without Google?

To say that my current life is greatly improved and easier because of Google would be an understatement.  I have an Android Phone, 3 Android Tablets, a Chromebook and on my Desktop the Browser of Choice is always Google Chrome.  Google as a company has embedded its way into my daily lifestyle.  I search for things using the Google Search Engine, send email using GMail, post things to Google+ and even use the Google Docs Family of Apps to keep track of most of the things that I want saved for posterity…so what would happen if the suckling of the G-Teet ended today?  Would I be able to function?  Would you? What got me thinking about ending the Google Dominance of my life was the recent acquisition of SkyNet…er Skybox and the thought of a world so utterly controlled by the use of Google Technology has me wondering…it may be convenient to put all my eggs in one basket…but should I really live my life with having everything so controlled by a single corporation that doesn’t really care about me…unless I … Read more

The Cloud Price War…Will You Win?

To say that the Cloud is becoming crowded is an understatement.  For every installable application created there seems to be a dozen options that are Mobile Ready and living in the Cloud so with the Cloud Price War that was started by Google when they dropped the price of Google Drive is set into motion a future that is not only price conscious but also very focused on a real dig your heels in and not give an inch philosophy of corporate battles. Amazon and its AWS services may have pioneered the world of flexible computing and storage but there are many others nipping at their heels, not the least of which is Google and Microsoft looking to score a piece of the IaaS and PaaS puzzle.  The Cloud as we know it today will be radically different in the coming years as collectively we really start to move away from the need for storing anything ourselves. I have experienced the benefits of this in two major ways myself: Chromebook I took advantage of an amazing deal on a Chromebook … Read more

Free App Friday – Pushing the Envelope…Digitally

Every once in a while an application comes along that crosses over and connects all the devices that have become essential to our lives.  Earlier this week I stumbled across what I think is one of those apps.  In my day to day life I find myself switching from Desktop to Chromebook to Phone to Tablet depending on what it is that I am doing at that moment.  I actively have up to 5 screens in play at any given moment…but information on each of those devices is unique to that device and try as I may…I don’t store everything in a central “Cloud” mainly because of a problem with the Chromebook being able to access them effectively…so when PushBullet came to the front for me…well lets just say I fell in love. Looking at the top down of PushBullet it is simply a file transfer app that works as an extension with Chrome but is an Android App as well…but it can be so much more as well.  You can not only connect your own devices to each other, … Read more

The Business of Social Media

The Art and Science of Selling has for a long time been in a state of flux and much of that rapid change comes at the hands of the implementation of Social Media.  The days of “Cold Calling” and blind emails, while not gone…are rapidly changing to put companies and their Sales Professionals in a different world from those who still perform the “old school selling style”.  So what is this “Business of Social Media”? For years I saw the writing on the walls and knew that if I was going to be able to compete in this brave new world, I would need to change the way that I approached potential customers.  Sure I had had a LinkedIn Account since Day 2 of my selling career but it was really nothing more than a very weak resume.  I had Facebook (begrudgingly I must say) but it was really for playing games, Twitter was odd and I just didn’t get it and blogging…well who would want to listen to me ramble on and on. Then there was a day that … Read more