Chris J Powell

2015 Starting Off – Well Scary

I ended 2014 in the hospital…and 2015 started off a similar way.  I must say that the great big piece of grey matter between my ears is a mysterious and complicated machine that seems to be more than a little bit off lately.   I am less than a patient guy, I like to see things in front of me and come up with the answers and the fact that the high speed internet connection that follows me around like a guide to all the information in the world has had me more than a little scared about what the cause of this now week old headache could be. 2 trips to the hospital and still no answers what so ever…in fact my visit to the emergency room yesterday was a complete waste of time, other than the resident doctor who saw me was able to get the ball rolling for further tests…I just don’t know when it will happen. That internet connection that I spoke of has me all to frequently going to WebMD, Yahoo! Health and ZocDoc and … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World Has Lost – Part 8

As those who follow me on Social Media know, I have started on a quest to find the 17 year old Krispy that is trapped somewhere within the expanding “waste” line that has become my current life.  With all the changes going on in my life, I wanted to really look to a way to turn back the clock and get back to the me that I was and try to incorporate the me that is.  At 17 years old though, I did not have a super powerful computer to keep me stuck on my butt, I walked most places even though I had my own car and it was just easier to “pop in” at a friends place than it was to text or call so I was far more active. The inspiration came from me finding some pictures of this 17 year old Krispy in a box.  I thought back through the 24 years that have passed and remembered many challenges, happy times and down right dark moments but I did come to the conclusion that I wanted … Read more