Chris J Powell

If I Had a Million Dollars – Part 5

Looking back at my first 4 parts of the spending spree that I have been on with my “Wants” I am still amazed at just how hard it has been for me to spend a Million Dollars.  I still have  $635,990.00 left so today I am out to dump a sizable chunk of change on the bottom two sections of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and take care of putting a roof over my head.  With free money it would be easy to go out and find a home that is way too big for myself but that is #1 just not me, I am a simple guy with simple needs and while it is incredibly hard these days to find a home that is under 2000 sq ft in size…I just don’t need a house that big.   I have never owned a home, and really never wanted to.  The headaches of having to put a new roof on, or buy a new furnace well, I just have never really wanted to take on that responsibility but now at 42 and having … Read more