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Krispy's Tech News of the Week – November 21, 2014

Back in the early days of my blogging I used to scour the web for ideas and things that inspired me.  The topics and ideas that are out there on the Interwebz are incredible and the time needed to actually dive into the concept of keeping up with Technology is, well challenging to say the…

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What is in a Brand?

Brands come and go, there is an ebb and flow to the consumer confidence and in the ability of a company or individual to influence and command…but what is it about a brand like Google, Apple, MacDonald’s or AT&T that has them command the top values in the world?  How can individuals or small businesses…

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High Value Big Data

IBM has long been a purveyor of all things “cutting edge” and the world of Big Data is no different.  The concepts and services that they provide are among the best out there but at the same time, as a major supporter of the world of Open Source they also share their concepts and ideas…

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