Chris J Powell

What Would You Do with a Million Dollars – Part 1

A couple of years ago I put a lot of thought into what I would do if someone handed me a Million Dollars and said spend it all within one month on the things you want…not what you need.  This exercise was interesting and a bit of a challenge as I have always had relatively simple tastes as I strive to live within my means.  When I wrote that series though, I was in a very different place than I am in today so I figured it was time for a revisit of this little fantasy. As I look at all that I have, for the most part I feel satisfied that I have what I need, but if I was ever to be lucky enough to be given the opportunity to blow through a Million Dollars on the stuff I want…I think that I could actually successfully complete the task.  This time around I am going to be relatively selfish but at the same time, knowing that once the money is gone, it will be up to me to … Read more

If I Had a Million Dollars – Part 5

Looking back at my first 4 parts of the spending spree that I have been on with my “Wants” I am still amazed at just how hard it has been for me to spend a Million Dollars.  I still have  $635,990.00 left so today I am out to dump a sizable chunk of change on the bottom two sections of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and take care of putting a roof over my head.  With free money it would be easy to go out and find a home that is way too big for myself but that is #1 just not me, I am a simple guy with simple needs and while it is incredibly hard these days to find a home that is under 2000 sq ft in size…I just don’t need a house that big.   I have never owned a home, and really never wanted to.  The headaches of having to put a new roof on, or buy a new furnace well, I just have never really wanted to take on that responsibility but now at 42 and having … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 4

With some wheels on the road, a full compliment of computer gear and a living filled with sound and video my original Million Dollar Spending Spree is down to just  $860,990.00.  The spending has been focused on what I want but this week I will be looking a the things and deeds that I want to do that can spread some good in both my community and around the world.  There are a few charities that I have been wanting to get involved with for a while but not having the time or the spare cash to really make a difference I wanted to use today’s post to share some really amazing Tech Charities and bleed off some of my “ill gotten gains”.  This post is all about showcasing some charities that I would not only want to be a part of, but would also be an organization that I could believe in in the long term.  There are literally 1000’s of options to choose from and to narrow the list down to 4…has been hard. This Canadian Charity focuses … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 3

Last week after getting my Geek on and getting some new mobile Tech to make my life a little more fluid…I have whittled down the Million to  $883,969.00 and this week with a bit of a blitz through the world of entertainment electronics I suspect that I will be able to use up a sizable chunk of what is left.  While most of my life is spent in front of a computer Screen, there are those occasions that I like to kick back and watch some TV or Movies or even play a game or two with my Geek 2.0 daughter and that is what this week’s adventure in exploring my Wants is all about! Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV The Centerpiece of any Home Entertainment System is the choice in Televisions and even though I have no real need or desire for a TV that is much bigger than the one I have now (an older 32″ model that I picked up for around $300 5 years ago), when building the ultimate of anything…I do believe … Read more