Chris J Powell

Personal Innovation – A Buzz Word or a Reality?

It doesn’t matter what job you do or what your business produces, sells or consults on, unless you have been under a rock for the past couple of years I am sure you have heard some one or read some where that Innovation is the new Black! But if Innovation in Business is the “Next Big Thing” and “Everyone is Doing It” then how can you differentiate yourself?  Rather than looking at business strategies that are meant to transform a sluggish business in an economy that may very well take another 5 years to recover…I figured I would take a look at personal innovation and how the things that you do personally and professionally can be used to both innovate your life but also your career. Over at there is a great definition of Personal Innovation: Personal Innovation is about innovating yourself and making yourself better at whatever it is you do.  If you have customers, and they are currently happy, take it to the next level and just wow them with more, if you think you have reached … Read more

Big Data vs. Small Data

There is a tremendous marketing engine out there that is building up the need to have a Big Data Strategy and spend money on better Tools and Resources to enable better decision making through the use of Big Data.  While that in many cases is exactly what the eventual goal should be…I find that almost every day…companies that I work with are still being continuously challenged with the Small Data and its quality! recently posted an interesting article titled Don’t Worry About Big Data; Sweat the Small Stuff and in this article it illustrates the need to learn how to walk before you run.  The fact that most companies do not have an effective Data Management Plan in place for their existing Data but because of the hype are willing to go out and purchase and connect with more data will only lead to worse decisions being made not better. Data Analytics is a field that while there is a growing demand for good people in it…does not take a Rocket Scientist to start to understand it (although some Rocket … Read more

Infographic of the Day – The State of IT Innovation

Maybe I am spoiled by working for a company that places not only faith in our own IT Department to be constantly looking for innovations for our products and services but IT Innovation really does seem to be one of those things that everyone wants but few are focused on moving forward with. Today’s Infographic is brought to you by Cheers, Chris J Powell