Chris J Powell

Geeking Out with Browsers

For most of us, the Web Browser is nothing more than a utility to check our Facebook, browse websites, even check our email and connect with friends and family. In the nearly 20 years that I have actively been involved with this great big world that is the Interwebz I have seen more than my fair share of browsers come and go.  The past few years has seen me tied pretty tightly with Google Chrome, both as a browser on all computers that I work with and as the Operating System of my rock solid little Chromebook. To give a bit of a run down, there are several “common” browsers out there: Internet Explorer – IE When it comes to the most commonly used web browser, look no further than the venerable Internet Explorer from Microsoft.  Directly tied to their Windows Operating System, IE has been used by most who head out to the Internet in search of deals, information or love (a bit of a throw back to Valentines day on Sunday). Back in 2003, Internet Explorer had an … Read more

InfoGraphic of the Week – Throw Back to the Early Days of the Internet

f you are like me, you will remember that a company called AOL was notorious for sending out CDs to nearly everyone in North America to get them hooked on “their Internet” back in the 90s. You may have had one, 2 or even 20 of these discs kicking around at any given time…well the folks over at were nice enough to put together an Infographic that looks at this massive waste of our time: Cheers, Krispy