Chris J Powell

The New Krispy – Style Makeover

So the time has come to really look to my closet and figure out what should stay or what should go.  You see, one thing that walking everywhere has done has made all of my clothes fit me like they were made by Omar the Tent Maker.  I went from a Large/Xtra Large Shirt to a Medium and from a 36 inch waist to a 34″ waist.  Belts don’t fit, pants and shorts can almost fit a second person inside with me and after 30 years of gathering clothes that had no real rhyme nor reason to the purchase (other than the collection of about 40 ties and my well known Friday Hawaiian Shirts) it is time to find my voice. Now it is important to note…I REALLY hate shopping and because I had been the same sized for the past 15 years, I could enter into any store, grab something that was my size and exit in under 5 minutes (barring a line up at the cashier)…but now my body has changed, my personality is different and I feel … Read more

Life Hacks Revisited – and Updated

My life has become a bit of a tangled mess of both interesting new adventures and mundane continuations of the drama that was before it was turned upside down.  I really enjoy the Krispy that I am becoming.  I am standing on my own two feet, moving forward and truly looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer and then reality sometimes creeps in to reveal that life is not really meant to be rainbows and unicorns. In many ways the Life Hacks that I have instituted into my life to help me remain focused on what I will be next June when the first year of my development into Krispy 2.0 is complete are going along…slowly.  I am finding that the loss of 1/3 of myself (weight wise) has started to add some unique challenges like joints that for no apparent reason slip out (shoulder and knee especially) and that while I am eating relatively healthy foods, I seem to be affected by common colds and flu like illnesses on a far more alarming rate. The new me does … Read more

The Tech I Love to Hate

This weekend I expanded my home network exponentially.  It is amazing what happens when you find a couple of extra Hard Drives and get loaned a PS3 for your first extended visit from your daughter in your new reality.  I took to building out a little something that would enable me to have a media hub that would not use the extreme power draw that my massively over engineered personal computer does.   Leveraging an extra PC and some of the more than 8 TB of functional storage that I have (I have far more but most of those disks are non functional) and I was off to the races building a Media Center PC that would house, serve and display all the media that I have accumulated over the years.  That will relegate the MonstaPuter for what it really was designed for and that is act as my home away from home and the master of all things that are Krispy. This thought came to me a while ago but both time and energy did not allow me to … Read more