Chris J Powell

A New Dawn, A New Day

The adventure that is the life of Krispy continues to unravel before me.  It is interesting to see how the amount that things have changed in the past 5 years the more they stay the same and that I am making an unceremonious return to Call Center life (not what I thought would happen).  This is becoming one of those moments in my life that while it is not what I wanted, it is what I got and hey…4 1/2 years at Call Centers before making the leap to Sales for 5 years…it is the combination of both of these worlds. Training will be interesting as I take 5 years of Sales Experience and apply it to this new world that I will be living in.  One thing is for sure though…a Job is definitely not a Career and I will continue to explore my options as I plug away at making my “metrics” and focus on being productive and hopefully make some money as well. What will the future hold?  Well it is too early to tell but I … Read more

Big Day, Big Weekend, Big Week Ahead

For a Geek like me, much of my time is spent focusing on the core of all things digital.  That my be the media that I watch and listen to, the games that I play, the Images that I build or even more fun for me the “Digital Connections” that I make in this great big Virtual World that has become my second home.  But I must say that it has been a very interesting few days and the next few are set to be even more exciting. Part of my daughter’s “coming of age” as a Teenager has been a wild fascination with many of the same things that I was interested in when I was her age (sure there were not even Cell Phones back in the Dark Ages of the Mid 80’s and typing was mostly done on a type writer) but she has a keen interest in serving this country and has been leaning towards joining the Military but for now has gotten bitten by the Paintball Bug so for her birthday I picked some gear … Read more

Social Media as a Sales Professional's Best Friend

I know…it is amazing but in my experience there is still many Sales Professionals out there that still have not embraced the wonders of Social Media to better connect with their potential customers and many more that work for companies that have not embraced the power of Social to aid in growing both their Market Share and their Brand Loyalty.  Social Media for me over the past 2 1/2 years of being a Technical Sales Professional allowed me to connect, empower and understand my customers so much better.


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Krispy's Rants – A New Beginning and Old Style

For those who have gotten to know me over the past 30 months here at Krispy’s Rants, I like to mark certain occassions with a post and today is no exception.  My daughter turned 14 yesterday…a land mark date in my life as I became a father for the first and only time so many years ago.  I have watched her grow and mature into a wonderful young woman and truly a “Geek 2.0” but at the same time, I spent much of yesterday prepping the guts of the new Krispy’s Rants in preparation for this historic post.  Life is all about New Beginnings and this fall…that is what I am all about.


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Sometimes being the Resident Geek has its Disadvantages

I feel like I was on a 4 day bender this morning and all because I am a Geek.  There was no Boiler Makers or Jaagermeisters involved just an intensive rehab of not one but two Windows Computers that were acting up on family members and friends of friends. For those who follow me on Google+ or Facebook you will know that I have an interesting “fetish” for the T-shirt of the day and while I have held off on posting this one…I think the timing is right to have it show up here.  The problem is, as much as I enjoy the tinkering and fiddling with computers is a real enjoyment for me…I have really come to the conclusion that my better judgement needs to take over and call it quits so that I do not end up putting in a 21 hour day…yes that is right it was 3:30 AM before I packed it in as I was nodding off at my desk. Both situations were a matter of simple re-installing Windows and as much as it always … Read more