Chris J Powell

This Day in Tech History and Other Coming Features

Rather than looking today at what has happened I am actually going to start compiling a full list of the 365 Days of Historical Goodness that make my favorite topics tick.  Yes that is right, This Day in Tech History is going to be a regular compiling of little Bytes of Info that you will be available on its own page here at Krispy’s Bytes. I am also going to bring back a feature that the original Krispy’s Rants had many moons ago and that was a compilation of some Krispyfications of the Weekly News in Tech.  This will be a Friday morning endeavor with a focus on the top news for the week in some relatively broad categories.  First feature coming this Friday. I am also running through a couple of other ideas for this brain fart that is my morning cathartic endeavor, stay tuned for shorter posts…but in all likelihood there will be more than one per day as things pop into my head, I am going to attempt to dive into building new features. Cheers, Krispy

The Se7en Day Layover

Today will be my last post for a week.  As it turns out the best laid plans of mice and men do not always allow for a smooth transition but I am ok with it.  My new home (moving out into the world Solo) on Sunday and I still have a ton of things to do so I am going to take tomorrow and Sunday off from my morning cathartic outlet and get everything ready for moving day.  I will be without the Interwebz (well not totally I will still have my phone) for a week and I am going to take this little break to focus in on a solid posting schedule and rebuild my other homes on the Interwebz as I am no longer a Sales Guy. What is truly interesting is that during this week without broadband connectivity to the outside world I will have the opportunity to really dive into things beyond Facebook Posts, Blogs and Online Games.  I will be able to reconnect with me and my daughter (while she is over for her time … Read more

Infographic – Trusting the Tech Review

One thing that I have been tossing about for a while is building a section of Krispy’s Bytes that looks directly at the world of Software (and maybe a little bit of hardware) and doing more than just my weekly OS Sunday and Free App Friday reviews…and then I found this interesting Infographic…and while I am still considering it…I am not sure if I would fall under the Expert, or the Consumer side of the review.  I am torn…but stay tuned because Krispy’s Bytes will be expanding…I am just not sure into what. Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics Cheers, Krispy

Social Media in 2014

For me, Social Media has been about the conversation and the connections that are made with those that I follow but also with those who follow me.  When it comes to the Brand Ambassador’s of 2014 in the world of Social Media, there is a storm coming and the real question is…are you ready for it? I did some digging around the fabulous Interwebz and there are several interesting predictions for the future of Social Media in 2014 but my favorite comes from the folks over at  To “Krispify” these predictions I will look to their top 5 predictions and add my own insights. 1. Look for a shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video. I have personally avoided the concept of Youtube and Video Podcasting for some time, but I have started to look at the opportunity to share some insights through short broadcasts.  Expect to see some Video Posts in the near future as I become more proficient with tools like SnagIt and Jing from TechSmith. 2.  Businesses will embrace the ‘fandom’. Is your business embracing the … Read more

Memory Lane – The Tech That Time Forgot

Over the years I have had more than my fair share of technology purchases. I remember way back in 1986 heading out to get my first job at the tender age of 13 so that I could “keep up with the Jones’s” and have the loudest, biggest Ghetto Blaster in town (which wasn’t too hard growing up in a town of 5500 people). I worked my butt off and saved my pennies…with minimum wage being just $3.90 back then it took a while to save up to get the $300 monstrosity that would drown out the sounds of 4 younger brothers. It has been a lot of years and one thing that this 20+ lbs beast did not do is travel well. I remember heading off to work each day and going into the local electronics shop to visit my “little friend” and the shop keeper was really great about letting me come in and look at this. He had been our TV Repair guy for as long as I could remember and one thing you never wanted to do … Read more