Chris J Powell

Long Goodbyes…Farewell Mother

This will be my second official attempt at putting my thoughts about my mother onto the screen for the world to see.  The first attempt at this was done just 2 weeks after her passing on November 1, 2016 but because of some technical issues with my web host, I lost much of the work that I had put in to this site in 2016. I have restored the files as best I can and I I think back to the 2 1/2 months that I have had to live my life without the woman who was so key in making me what I am today (both good and bad) I have a vastly different perspective on her life. You see, my mother was a very strong woman, she gave birth to 5 boys and raised us while working full time and in our teenage years started her own business at a time when it was almost unheard of for a woman to be in business alone.  We all worked for her at Powell Printing over the years and I … Read more

One Life is Enough for Me!

I had a rather tough day yesterday as I sat in a hospital room with my Mother, Aunt and Daughter for the better part of 6 hours while Doctors, Nurses and Specialists paraded in around us explaining the most important thing that will happen in my Mother’s Life…well EVER.  You see, 5 years ago she fought Cancer and we all thought that she had won…even the Doctors were planning a party for her (the Doctor even told my mom “you bring the Ice Cream and we will bring the Cake”) but then as if this past year was not enough of a challenge…it came back…in nearly the exact same place as it was 5 years ago! I have had a lot of challenges in my life, and this past year has forced me to really look at what is important in my life but yesterday as I sat across from my Mother and looked into her eyes and saw the outright fear in her eyes (for the first time in my life) I knew that I had to make some … Read more

Today is My Labour Day

For the almost 42 years that I have been blessed with the honour to walk this rock we all call home I have never really said to my Mom how much I appreciate how much she has done for me.  On July 12, 1972 she “spit” me out and I took my first breath so I look at today as my Labour Day as this was the day that I decided it was time to start thinking to come out and stay a while! Most people would pay tribute to Mom on the Second Sunday in May when conventionally the world says it is Mother’s Day but I have decided that from this day forward, for me at least…July 11th will be my day to pay a special tribute to my Mom. She is a really special person who has had more than her fair share of challenges and struggles over the years…many of which have been made by being a Mom to 5, small town boys who were and some may say are far from Angels. Mom, I love … Read more