Chris J Powell

Living La Vida Streaming

Recently I posted about my installation of Kodi and the configuring of the successor to Xbox Media Center to enable me to watch my favorite (and forgotten) TV Shows without the need to have a Cable Subscription.  For years I had been downloading those shows, renaming the files and configuring them into folders that in effect had consumed more than 2.5 TB of storage within my home network.  With my lightning fast Internet Connection this meant that I could grab my favorite shows the morning after they aired and then watch them when I got home from work. This concept has suited me just fine, for a long time and I probably would have continued to do this, but the reality is, the time it takes to source out the different shows that I like to watch, download, sort and get everything just so…well it starts to get time consuming and while I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I can’t help but think that there is a better way of doing things. And there is. The … Read more

Is Net Neutrality just a Fallacy in 2014?

I am lucky to have found an ISP that does not charge for overages on my bandwidth.  This give me a lot of freedom when it comes to downloading things and watching NetFlix and Streaming Video or listening to Streaming Audio.  I get great speeds and don’t have to worry about watching out for “the man” and how much I actually do download.  But the amount of Downloading that I do is really irrelevant when it comes to what the Interwebz is becoming. Back in February, the Video Streaming King Netflix agreed to pay Comcast for unrestricted (ie no more throttling back on bandwidth) but is this not akin to black mail and extortion?  Does this not open the door for every ISP out there to demand from any major bandwidth player (Pandora, Rdio, YouTube, XBox Live etc) to pay for the right to play on their Network?  Considering for the most part that these ISPs generally have at least a partial block on any other companies coming in and competing against them (Telco’s own the phone lines and Cable … Read more