Chris J Powell

This Day in Tech History and Other Coming Features

Rather than looking today at what has happened I am actually going to start compiling a full list of the 365 Days of Historical Goodness that make my favorite topics tick.  Yes that is right, This Day in Tech History is going to be a regular compiling of little Bytes of Info that you will be available on its own page here at Krispy’s Bytes. I am also going to bring back a feature that the original Krispy’s Rants had many moons ago and that was a compilation of some Krispyfications of the Weekly News in Tech.  This will be a Friday morning endeavor with a focus on the top news for the week in some relatively broad categories.  First feature coming this Friday. I am also running through a couple of other ideas for this brain fart that is my morning cathartic endeavor, stay tuned for shorter posts…but in all likelihood there will be more than one per day as things pop into my head, I am going to attempt to dive into building new features. Cheers, Krispy

The Quest for New

I am not sure what it is about the concept of New that has many of us working harder, saving up or worse…going into debt to achieve it.  New is nice, it is shiny, it tends to smell nice (nothing beats the new car smell) but I wonder…has this Quest lead the Western world down a path that it can not recover from?  Since I did the grand reset of my life earlier this year I have taken stock of what I want, what I need and what I have and when it comes to New…for the most part I have opted for the concept of New to Me. Some things in my life are New there is no doubt about it that purchasing underwear from a Thrift Store is not high on the priority list and while I am in the market for a New Smartphone, I would not be against picking up a used one from Kijiji or eBay.  All of the furniture that I have has been repurposed from my previous life or from thrift stores but … Read more