Chris J Powell

Top 5% on LinkedIn…are you?

This week has been mostly about Social Media and Social Networking for me.  On a regular basis my colleagues and customers ask me about my efforts in this space and surprisingly this week, I was notified by LinkedIn that I was in their Top 5% of most viewed Profiles in 2012! With more than 200 Million Members that places my profile in the top 10 Million Profiles which when you start to break things down a bit seems a little defeating but the reality is…there are 190 Million other profiles that have not been looked at as much as mine and that to me forms a real sense of pride.  Being in that not so exclusive group of 10 Million had me call into question the value of a Social Profile, is it really about the views or is it more about the connections? Social Networking for me is not about building a collection or even Selling the Services that I “peddle” in my full time gig…it is about building a true network of like minded people who are willing … Read more