Chris J Powell

New Beginnings – Well Sort Of

And so I begin life again as a gainfully employed person.  Funny thing is, this time around it is actually more of a restart than a refresh.  On Saturday I made the trek across the city on Public Transit (yes the Pedestrian Commuter is now using the bus), to interview for an interesting opportunity doing what I was doing in my last job. This time around though, I will need to bring out more of my technical skill set and work to build a brighter tomorrow for the company that I am working for as they have not been doing the Customer Service side of things quite as frequently as they used to.  Helping customers maintain their vehicles is an interesting gig and the Infographic included here shows that there is some challenges for car owners today and when I was driving…I was in that mix as well.   There are 22.5 million vehicles on the road today in Canada and the reality is, drivers today will delay, postpone or defer many recommended maintenance services.  Look to your manufacturers maintenance … Read more

Lifehack #1 – The Grand Reset

Recent actions by others in my life have caused me to do a whole lot of introspection lately.  Having gone through a terrifying time with my Mother’s Battle with Cancer (so far so good – the surgery went well, she is home and on the mend in a big way) but now I am faced with one of the biggest challenges of my adult life…moving on alone. I am now single (well sort of) and one of the biggest threats to my mental stability continues to breach itself in very ugly ways.  The debt that I brought with me leaving my 16 year marriage and I am really wondering if it is possible to make it through this really tough time right now.  To top things off, my daughter (the one true love of my life) is moving 45 minutes away to live with her Mom so now I have to really focus on the grand plan of a reset. But what do I reset and what do I keep the same?  I poured over everything that I have been … Read more