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Life Hacks Revisited – and Updated

My life has become a bit of a tangled mess of both interesting new adventures and mundane continuations of the drama that was before it was turned upside down.  I really enjoy the Krispy that I am becoming.  I am standing on my own two feet, moving forward and truly looking forward to what tomorrow…

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Free App Friday – Lists, Lists, Everywhere are Lists

I wish I wasn’t  but I am a slave to my calendar.   I find myself (especially as I get older) finding it harder to keep all the things I have to do in a neat and organized manner.  With multiple devices and work that has me jump from activity to activity it becomes even…

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App Friday – Time Management Part 2

Last week I looked at the iOS App 30/30 and beyond the complete and total drain on my iPad battery it was a real challenge for me to dive right in and start assigning times to every part of my day.  By the time yesterday rolled around I found myself scratching my head wondering if this was…

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App Friday – Time Management Part 1

Normally each Friday I compare and contrast an App that has Cross OS capability but with a personal move to become more aware of my own Time Management I decided that I would actually break out this effort into a two part spread.  This week I will be focused on leveraging the power of iOS…

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