Chris J Powell

Life Hacks Revisited – and Updated

My life has become a bit of a tangled mess of both interesting new adventures and mundane continuations of the drama that was before it was turned upside down.  I really enjoy the Krispy that I am becoming.  I am standing on my own two feet, moving forward and truly looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer and then reality sometimes creeps in to reveal that life is not really meant to be rainbows and unicorns. In many ways the Life Hacks that I have instituted into my life to help me remain focused on what I will be next June when the first year of my development into Krispy 2.0 is complete are going along…slowly.  I am finding that the loss of 1/3 of myself (weight wise) has started to add some unique challenges like joints that for no apparent reason slip out (shoulder and knee especially) and that while I am eating relatively healthy foods, I seem to be affected by common colds and flu like illnesses on a far more alarming rate. The new me does … Read more

Free App Friday – Lists, Lists, Everywhere are Lists

I wish I wasn’t  but I am a slave to my calendar.   I find myself (especially as I get older) finding it harder to keep all the things I have to do in a neat and organized manner.  With multiple devices and work that has me jump from activity to activity it becomes even more important to have a set of priorities that I can fall back on and avoid the many distractions that there are in my life. In this wonderful world of choices that we live in though, there are tons of options when it comes to getting our lives organized. Regardless of if you subscribe to the Zero Inbox philosophy or you just want to get better at keeping your life organized, it is time to start focusing on the tasks at hand…for me I figured I would give the power of Wunderlist a try again. There is a Pro version of the tool but because this is Free App Friday, I figured I would put the resource through its paces before making any recommendations on if this … Read more

App Friday – Time Management Part 2

Last week I looked at the iOS App 30/30 and beyond the complete and total drain on my iPad battery it was a real challenge for me to dive right in and start assigning times to every part of my day.  By the time yesterday rolled around I found myself scratching my head wondering if this was really the only way to manage my time?  So this week I thought I would test another approach to Time Management, and this time on my Android Phone!

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App Friday – Time Management Part 1

Normally each Friday I compare and contrast an App that has Cross OS capability but with a personal move to become more aware of my own Time Management I decided that I would actually break out this effort into a two part spread.  This week I will be focused on leveraging the power of iOS and my constant companion the iPad.  I installed a Time Management App called 30/30 last night and set out to build out my activities and planned activities for the next 7 days.

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