Chris J Powell

Living La Vida Streaming

Recently I posted about my installation of Kodi and the configuring of the successor to Xbox Media Center to enable me to watch my favorite (and forgotten) TV Shows without the need to have a Cable Subscription.  For years I had been downloading those shows, renaming the files and configuring them into folders that in effect had consumed more than 2.5 TB of storage within my home network.  With my lightning fast Internet Connection this meant that I could grab my favorite shows the morning after they aired and then watch them when I got home from work. This concept has suited me just fine, for a long time and I probably would have continued to do this, but the reality is, the time it takes to source out the different shows that I like to watch, download, sort and get everything just so…well it starts to get time consuming and while I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I can’t help but think that there is a better way of doing things. And there is. The … Read more

If I had a Million Dollars – Part 3

Last week after getting my Geek on and getting some new mobile Tech to make my life a little more fluid…I have whittled down the Million to  $883,969.00 and this week with a bit of a blitz through the world of entertainment electronics I suspect that I will be able to use up a sizable chunk of what is left.  While most of my life is spent in front of a computer Screen, there are those occasions that I like to kick back and watch some TV or Movies or even play a game or two with my Geek 2.0 daughter and that is what this week’s adventure in exploring my Wants is all about! Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV The Centerpiece of any Home Entertainment System is the choice in Televisions and even though I have no real need or desire for a TV that is much bigger than the one I have now (an older 32″ model that I picked up for around $300 5 years ago), when building the ultimate of anything…I do believe … Read more

Why I Can't Wait to Join the Lollipop Guild

Many people I know love their Mac’s and iPhone’s but for me…nothing suits my personality better than an Android Phone and a Linux Desktop.  Sure I begrudgingly use Windows, have owned an iPad but my Android Tablet (an Acer B1-710) and my Android Phone (currently a Nexus 4) have never let me down and I can’t wait for November 3, 2014 when the next iteration of Android is officially released.  Joining the Lollipop Guild and the new freedom and “Material Design” that is included is going to be magical…but what are those features that appeal most to me? Having had Android devices that range back to the Eclair Release in 2009, the impending release of Lollipop has some interesting features that I really do look forward to.  Topping the charts include: Device Setup and Sync: When the day comes for my next upgrade, it will be to another Lollipop device.  I am debating the Nexus 6 but also thinking that it might be time to give an HTC device a whirl, although the MotoX still has this interesting appeal to me…but … Read more