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I am back – Krispy's Rants Lives…but now it is "i am krispy"

It has taken me far longer than I had anticipated, considering that I moved away from the world of shared hosting to becoming a System Admin all on my own but so far the experience has been not only worth it, it has been incredibly rewarding. I set up everything from scratch, using some great resources found on the interwebz and then dove into the modification of a theme that I think is pretty darn awesome! I was torn for several weeks about migrating to a different Content Management Solution other than WordPress but at the end of the day, it was by far the easiest, most supported and despite having no less than 10 reinstalls of the OS and the site, I am no ready to touch every single post on the site and reconnect all the broken and missing links. First off, the VPS Server that I chose was among the most affordable solutions I have ever seen, I went with as my provider with a 768 MB $5.00 per month setup, then I went about trying … Read more

OS Sunday – Plasma-Active Anyone?

So as I was sitting down to let my fingers do the walking this morning I ran into a bit of a problem…my beloved was down…luckily my experiment without Google was now over so I was able to locate some interesting 2014 Distros to watch for and stumbled across a Mobile First OS called Plasma Active.  The Active Desktop is a remix of the ill-fated Moblin and Maemo OSes from a few years ago but when I headed over to locate more information I noticed that there is an semi-official Kubuntu release of the Active Desktop so…I grabbed it to give it a whirl. The size of the ISO was a bit daunting but I was impressed as always by the ability of Canonical’s Servers to handle the request and in less than 6 minutes, the 1.1 GB file was safely in my Download Folder ready to test out in a VirtualBox environment.  It is however important to note that there is no 64bit version of this OS so while I am going to set up the system with the … Read more

2 Days Without Google

I have made the leap.  Yes that is right. 2 Full days without using a single Google Service for anything.  The idea of being able to be Google Free for 2 weeks seemed like a good idea until it came time to make the leap.  On the Chromebook and Desktop it was not so much a  problem as I was able to leap into fully integrated Linux Operating Systems and not have to worry about much of anything at all…but the experience of being on my Nexus 4 without all the trappings of Android…well that is another story completely. The move to another OS on my phone is not the first time that I have made the transition.  It was really quite easy, I just simply followed the steps listed over at the Ubuntu Touch Wiki and voila, I was operating inside the world of Linux on my Smartphone without much of a problem…at first. It is important to note that this is not the first time that I made the leap to the Ubuntu Touch platform on this phone … Read more

Free App Friday – Final Stages towards Two Weeks Without Google

I have been laying the foundation of getting everything set up for the pulling the plug on Google for a Two Week “tester” without using any Google Product.  I know it is going to be tough, especially when it comes to my phone…no Clash of Clans for 2 weeks is going to be tough…but I have been so heavily connected to the Search Giant for so long that it is time to see if I could survive with my current hardware without ever using Google. Now it is important to note, this is not an Anti-Google Slam, I truly love Google but after more than 10 years suckling at the Teet of the Google…I want to see if there is another way to live…and that means taking a step away from all things Google.  If I can actually make it 2 weeks…well at least I will know that I don’t need them for everything.  I am however going completely Open Source and moving everything to Linux…No Windows, No Mac…just Linux on EVERYTHING! I have laid out everything that I need … Read more

Free App Friday – Ubuntu is Released

Every 6 months like clock work a new version of the Ubuntu Family is released and this is truly a happy day for fans of the OS everywhere.  Trusty Tahr is out there in the wild, so Ubuntu Users rejoice!  There was some a bit of a panic yesterday in a few of the forums that I follow fairly closely as the official release image was not made available until the early afternoon here in North America but when I jumped on this morning to do my usual Download and Seed of the multitude of versions of the Ubuntu Family I thought to myself that this is a perfect opportunity to look across the breadth of the versions of Ubuntu and give a bit of a description of each.  The release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support) is really just another day for me but it does mean that I get to upgrade my Chromebook to the latest repositories and that makes me happy. Ubuntu – Standard The standard release of Ubuntu comes in both 32 and 64 bit … Read more

Krispy…Why Linux?

This question has come up in social circles and with customers and colleagues alike over the years so I figured I would share a little insight into why I like Linux, use Linux and promote Linux at every opportunity.  For me, Linux is not just about getting things done and it is not because I am a cheap bastard (although that definitely contributes).  For me, Linux is about Freedom. Freedom is something that we as a society in the Western Hemisphere take for granted all too often.  Sure we role out the red carpet for veterans and we sing National Anthems at sporting events but for the most part, we enjoy the Freedom that others provided for us without really taking a look at the why or the how we got that Freedom.  For me it is the same way with computers. A Brief History of Linux If we take a look at the “History of Linux“, the 23 year saga of the pet project of Linus Torvalds all started with a famous post on a Usenet newsgroup (I remember … Read more

OS Sunday – What is a Trusted Tahr???

There are few things in this very busy world that we live in that I truly look forward to repeating.  One of those things is the April and October Releases of a new version of Ubuntu.  In less than 1 month the full release of a new Long Term Support version of the Ubuntu Operating System.  When I scan through the release information on I see that all the usual versions are available Ubuntu (Unity Desktop), Kubuntu (KDE Desktop), Lubuntu (LXFE Desktop), Xubuntu (XFCE Desktop), Ubuntu Studio (retuned version with extra media creation files), Edubuntu (Unity with Education focus) but I noticed something that I had not seen in a while…Ubuntu with Gnome…and this had me raise an eyebrow! While it is still in Beta, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and remember back to what had me fall in love with Ubuntu in the first place.  When I started with Linux I was in a frenzy of download, install, get frustrated and repeat…but no matter how many OS tries I made…I kept coming back to … Read more

Linux vs the World – A Little Mythbusting

Back in 2011, the founder of Ubuntu; Mark Suttleworth made a bold statement that my beloved Linux OS will have 200 million users by 2015. With a current user base globally of approximately 12 to 20 million this 10X growth is both considerable and a true uphill battle with the use of desktops and laptops on the decline with Tablets and Smart Phones being increasingly used to conduct our daily computing tasks.  With one year left before we see if this statement comes true? I find this to be quite interesting as Ubuntu has been the most popular flavor of Linux on the “desktop” for several years but has failed to achieve a tipping point in user acceptance. We saw Dell flirt with the preinstall of Ubuntu on a few models of their business Desktops and Laptops and even HP and Lenovo have joined the mix but what comes next to achieve this goal? There are some myths that still confound users and I found an interesting article on fossmaniac on HubPages I took the liberty of rewriting the commentary on his/her 7 Myths: Myth 1: Linux is just for geeks One of Linux’s greatest advantages … Read more

Forbes Disruptors List for 2013 – Guess who is on it

I did a bit of a dance of joy last night when I was flipping through Zite on my iPad and noticed that Mark Shuttleworth the founder of Canonical and the Ubuntu Linux OS was on that list of 12 individuals.  The other 15 people…unfortunately I have not heard of (but I did read each of their Bios) and within the 12 categories that they will disrupt in 2013…the business world is in for a real change this year.  With 16 people on the list the average age of these industry disruptors is just 37.5…meaning that it is not the very young Generation Y or the older Baby Boomers that are making the changes to the world…it is people like well…ME! The real question for many would be why Mark Shuttleworth and his little Linux Company?  Well it is not so little anymore.  With an estimated 20 million users of Ubuntu and a really strong following both by developers and by a very active user community, Ubuntu has  become the little engine that could. In a quote in the Forbes Magazine … Read more

Ubuntu and its Evolving Desktop

There are few things that super charge a Linux Community quite the same as fundamentally changing the look of the OS.  Ubuntu experienced some quite severe backlash when it made the decision to move from Gnome to Unity a couple of years ago.  For me it was no problem as I had seen Unity evolve over time as I had been using it on two Netbooks as with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.  That was an challenge for Canonical and Ubuntu but I think the constant evolution, tweaks and constant improvement of the Unity Desktop have made it not only better…but more suited to modern computing needs. Once again though, Canonical has woken the sleeping  beast that is its user community with the most recent announcement that it will be moving away from the venerable X Window.  For those non-Linux Geeks this is the underlying Linux Code that enables the Linux system to present graphics on a screen. The move away from X Window, by all accounts is needed to enable the creation of a Unified Desktop experience that takes users … Read more