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Tales of a Pedestrian Commuter – New Shoes

The mornings are vastly cooler to walk to work.  The 25 minute commute through the downtown core is a lovely shade of transition as the leaves start to change colours and the world around me starts to prepare for what is supposed to be a long, hard winter, but for now, the most important part of my commute (my feet) are taken care of.

Last Friday I decided I would break down and invest in some new coverings for my “tootsies” because I will be continuing the pedestrian commute for at least the next several months, both from the perspective of cost (no insurance, no gas and no parking) but also I rather like the time that I can take to both unwind and prepare for my day both at home and at work…but the experience of shoe shopping will go down in history as something that I do not EVER want to do again.

I had no choice but to head off and do this because the 925 km of walking that I had done in the previous 4 months had left the shoes that I had purchased for work a complete mess.

I decided to check out all the shoe stores at a local mall online first, figuring it would save me some precious time when it came to going in and picking out the shoes that I would use to keep my feet both dry and comfortable as the temperature starts to drop…but the reality is…I am not a good shopper…not at all.

You see, my preparation should have been done the other way, I should have picked out a shoe store and located the shoes that I wanted and then came home and ordered them online  because after nearly 4 hours of going from store to store and not finding that they had the shoes that I wanted (and had seen online) I broke down and decided to go cheap and just buy shoes from Walmart…again.  They are not Name Brand, they were definitely not expensive and I know for a fact that they will not last…but after wanting to go ballistic on more than a few retail shoe sales professionals who reminded me far to much of Al Bundy (although all the ones I dealt with were a bit easier on the eye) I just could not bring myself to pay the inflated prices and still have to settle for something that I didn’t really want.

You see, I am cheap, I will not deny that…but I am also pragmatic.  Walmart does so well as a retail store because they strike the proper balance between convenience and price…and because of that, I got two pairs of shoes for less than any one that I was looking at elsewhere.



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