Chris J Powell

Tech Junk – What to Do When Good Tech Goes Bad

If any of you are like me, you likely have at least one dead computer that you keep around both for nostalgia and for spare parts…but I actually take it to an extreme.  I have multiple computers that are dead or so far out dated they are really not worth keeping around, as well as keyboards, mice, routers, modems and a printer or five!

As I think about all this “stuff” that I have accumulated over the years I think about what I can actually make use of and come to the real and true realization that there is not much that I can reuse myself…but I can’t just take it to the curb and expect Mr. Garbage Man to take it away…that would be very wrong of me…so what to do with all of the Tech Garbage that we accumulate over time?

In the Province of Ontario there is a solid “eWaste” program available…and you can locate your drop off point at the site

If you are not in the Province of Ontario…here are a few other places to look:
Canada –

United States –

United Kingdom –

South Africa –

Australia –

Continental Europe –

There…that is my little bit of a Public Service Announcement…and the reality is…eWaste should be all of our concerns.



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