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Tech that Wastes your Productivity

I think it is safe to say that the technology that we all use every day is both a productivity bonus and a productivity killer.  I have for quite some time focused on the concept of Zero Inbox but in my new role as a Service Concierge I do not receive nearly the volume of email that I did as a Sales Professional so this one has been very easy to maintain.  Things that are a killer for my productivity all stem back to my smartphone that never leaves my side.  You see, I still receive 1000’s of emails each day, mix that in with Text Messages and Game Notifications and each hour I get no less than 50 notifications to my smart phone.


In my current job though, I see many connections to my past role as a Sales Professional.  You see, as the days and weeks progress, I have to strive for constant improvement and impact to the bottom line of the companies that I support.  I track more activities that I do than even my employer does and over the past several weeks I have placed an extreme focus on being able to cut out the clutter in my life and really put the focus where it needs to be.

A couple of months ago I saw a 30% increase month over month in the number of Service Activities that I was  able to book. My daily average jumped from 20 per day to 26 per day  and even though last month I saw a 6% increase in daily Activities…I saw a net loss of 2% for the month…but then this month I decided that I would take a Zero Connection approach to my day when it comes to my smartphone.

While I absolutely love this device, and feel a strong connection to it, I can’t help but sense that it is dragging me down.

I turn my phone off while I am at work and only turn it on at break and during my lunch and holy crap…this month I am seeing a 37% increase in my activities…yes that is right 37%.  I attribute this  to a couple of factors…one I am now very much so driven to achieve what I want out of life…but more than that…I am not even thinking about the notifications and buzzing.  I tune out the distractions around me and place an extreme focus on my job and the customers that I am there to support.

Sure the job is a bit on the boring side and it really isn’t overly challenging or taxing…but at this point in my life as I set out to rebuild who and what I am, it is exactly what I need and the amazing thing is…with this tight focus and no distractions…the extra productivity will likely translate to an extra $150-200 each month.

I now firmly believe that we are what we want to become, and the tools that we have should be that…tools.

When that tool takes something away from your ability to complete a task…it is time to find a new tool!

Now does this mean that I am going to do away with my smartphone…no way…but it has its time and its place.

What pieces of Tech cause you to stray from the fold and not do the things you need to do?



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