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Tech Tuesday – The New Leap…will it change the way we compute?

All over the web is reports of a revolutionary new device that takes all the goodness of Kinect and Wii remote control and applies it in a fantastically accurate format for PC and Laptop Users.  The Gesture Enabled device has made the “Minority Report” style manipulation of data a possible and that to me is really really cool but can it replace the keyboard and mouse?

Leap Motion’s new device connects to your existing USB port and is said to be accurate to within 1/100th of a mm making it more accurate than most mouse and keyboards available and even more important far more accurate that the Kinect for the Xbox 360 or the Wii remote.  This is not Touch Screen Technology…this is manipulating items in thin air and is fully Gesture Related for a new form of Augmented Reality!

Pre-Order these wonderful gadgets are available for guess what….1/2 the price of an Xbox Kinect at just $75.98 with shipping!  There is a FREE SDK available so that developers can start to build the future!

While the goal for Leap Motion is the replacement of the Mouse and Keyboard I see this new technology being much more important to a few industries starting with Education.  Imagine a teacher not needing to have an expensive SmartBoard at the front of a classroom and just a small $75  device connected to their classroom computer to open up apps to enrich and educate!  Or how the world of Charts and Graphs will come to life in new ways during Board Room Meetings as you drag in data sets with a swipe of your hand!

Now on the Leap site it says that there will be Linux Support which is way cool and once that happens this is one cat that will be on  board with testing out this really cool piece of technology.  As the video shows…there are many apps that are already compatible with it and now it is a matter of will the device live up to its billing?


Chris J Powell

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