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Technology Freeing Us from Bonds – Or Making Us All Slaves

It is funny how technology has the ability to both connect us to each other in new and amazing ways and at the same time isolate us and make each and everyone of us who embraces the world of technology beholden to the whims and the changes that it provides.

The health issues that I have been going through have made me really think about what today and tomorrow is likely to bring to me and to my future and I wonder if the world of technology that I have fallen head over heels for has made my life easier or if it has made me more dependent on it.

For me, my love affair with technology really started back when I was a young lad when my parents decided to bring home a Commodore Vic20.  It enabled me to start mucking about with programming and let me see the fruits of my labors you see, you could purchase programming magazines and enter the coding and then see the output on the screen before you.  It was amazing how, in just a few hours you could build something that while it was what we would call today “copy and paste” the actions of typing in the commands enabled me to see what would happen as I moved forward.

Unfortunately for my future though, computers were not something that I actively pursued as a scholarly endeavor.  I was focused from a very young age on my dream of being a ground pounding member of the Infantry so I chose to not pursue an education that would let me expand my interest in computer programming until far later in life.

Fast forwarding nearly 30 years from my first introduction into the world of programming I am finding myself digging deep into what makes this great big world wide web work.  I have dabbled in Web Design and have been plodding away at some online courses in HTML and PHP but now, my addiction to this thing we call technology is coming to an ever increasing pace of not only staying up to date with the world of technology and the things that drives the trends forward…but maybe just maybe being a direct part of that trend building.

I am working on a couple of side projects that may or may not come to a real fruition over the coming months but the more that I dive into the world of coding, the more that I realize that I may have made a wrong turn back in high school.

Oh Technology…why do you make me such a slave to you?  Why can I not just enjoy the fruits of the labor of others?  I guess it boils down to, when it comes to Technology in 2015, it is open to any of us to learn or not to learn how things work.  Unlike the barrier of entry when it comes to other Trades…all you need to build a future is an internet connection and time…and that sucks me in EVERY TIME!



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