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The past several weeks have been trying for me to say the least.  I have been planning a relaunch/rebranding of the Krispy’s Rants name for a while and while I knew what I wanted to do, it became very apparent that with the limits in my skills that I currently have, I was not able to use my “WebFu” to work some magic on getting that site back up and running in the way that I actually wanted.


I built 20+ demo sites on a XAMMP Server and none passed mustard and were what I would want to put out onto the web for the world to see.  What is worse is that some of those sites were pretty solid in as much as they looked the way that I wanted at the outset but then for what ever reason…when I would put them out to the web…they would break and I would be back to square one.

There are a lot of great CMS utilities out there and more than a few of them would have suited the limited scope of what a Personal Site should be…especially one will be limited to the personal Rants and Ravings of this guy…but I am a bit of a perfectionist and if I am going to have to build something from the ground up I want to be intimately involved in that construction process and so I found that my skills in PHP, CSS and HTML were grossly limited (combine that with the limitations placed on me by the Server that I place them on and there is a recipe for disappointment).

I have been talking about re-educating myself in the ways of the Web for quite some time…and because of both finances and time constraints placed on myself…I have not done too much with that…but that is about to change.

I have set aside the time (even blocked it off in my calendar) and I am going to hone my skills in the art of Application Development!

Yes, I will be a builder!  I will create digital things, with a few clicks and key strokes.  I will hone my digital artistic skills and I will develop things from where there was only Void before.

Krispy’s Bytes will be more about that journey now, I will build mini-sites here under new domains, testing out the theories and skills that I learn and will become more of a Geek than I was yesterday.

I am preparing for my new beginning that will start in June 2015.  They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert…I have just over 6000 hours if I commit 24/7 to this new development…realistically I have about 500-1000 hours that I can commit to this endeavor so where will I be at the end of this first leg?

Stay Tuned…it is gonna be a wild ride!



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