Chris J Powell

The Future is NOW!!!

There are often things in our lives that take us down vastly different paths than we had originally thought we would take.  1 week ago I took a bold new step in my life when after nearly 16 years I am now on my own…no help or support from a spouse, no mommy or daddy to bail me out if things don’t quite go as expected.  I am my own man…really for the first time in my life (sure my first year of college I lived on my own but that was a life time ago).

When it comes to this new life that I am carving out of the husk that was my old life I am not completely alone and despite one aspect of my life being over, I do truly believe that my future is far better off than it would have been had the status quo been maintained.

This weekend marked the first Solo Parenting effort with my 14 year old daughter and while there was some challenges having moved into a one bedroom apartment…we are making it work and we had a lot of fun and the great thing is…we are both “fruggle” so we look for things to do on the cheap…and that is good because this step into the abyss that is my future tapped me out completely.

For the first time in my adult life, I don’t find myself planning out what will happen…I take the steps today to ensure that what I want, just comes along.  No grand designs, no long term plans…just living in the moment and taking it one day at a time ad that is fine with me…for now.

As for the set up of all the tech gear in the new place…well the ultimate home network is still a ways away but I have all the components that I need to make it all work…stay tuned as I walk through the configuration and set up of all the things that I brought in and how I cobbled it all together to make things work for me.

As for making things work in the apartment/flat…well the lay out is as my daughter calls it quaint and the biggest challenges that I face are small rooms, strange placement of doors and a cat that likes to wake me up at 4:30 am because according to him…it is time to get up!




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