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The Future of Cloud Computing

In looking around the Interwebz there seems to be a lot of soothsayers and predictions about what the future of Cloud Computing will be.  Some claim to see Cloud Computing to be worth $150 billion annually by 2020 while others see the market becoming even “cloudier” as the real benefit of the Hybrid Cloud becomes more prevalent.  There is no doubt that changes will occur but what might they be?

From looking to what the predictions are, there are 3 common threads that I think will dominate the future of Cloud Computing and stand to make it the go to technology stream for IT Departments in the coming years.

1. Social / Collaboration

The power a social connection because of the cloud has largely been left as an afterthought but if it is put into the base of a Cloud Project and one of the goals of the project being: “How will this Cloud Initiative let us connect our employees and improve productivity” then it is not just about head count and hardware savings.  Social is here to stay and as more and more enterprises look to building a better connection between staff, this will become even more important.  The Cloud decentralizes the enterprise and allows far more flexibility, a new branch office can be set up in weeks rather than months, telework becomes far easier and road warrior Sales Professionals have the ability now to be ALWAYS connected!

2. Mobility

The world of mobile computing is really what is driving the success of Cloud Computing.  Services like Dropbox and for Cloud Storage really did not hit their stride until the Smart Phone really started to drive the market forward.  The impending “death of the PC” and moving to the mobile Tablet world also means that the days of near unlimited device storage are gone.  Accessing the Cloud and working from the Web Apps and Server Side computing that the Cloud provides frees up desk space and lets employees function how they want…which all theories point to increased productivity.

3. Generational Shift

Like it or not, I am part of a dinosaur generation.  By 2020 the next crop of young guns will be fully entrenched in the workforce.  It is hard to believe but in 8 years my daughter will be (I say this now but she is only in Grade 8) graduating from University and looking for work.  She has never known life without a 24/7 Internet Connection, mobile devices a million ways to communicate and do what she wants.  This shift will further push the need to focus on the scale and speed to market that Cloud Computing provides.

These are my observations and thoughts but from what I am seeing out there, and the work I do with my clients.  My perspective may be focused but there are many directions that I look so strap in and get ready…the future is coming!



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